Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stinky sh*t

Mom was taking a nap with me today, or trying to take a nap.  Louie as being a pest, a huge pest. He was meowing and trying to get in the closet, meowing some more.  Just being a pain in the butt.  He finally settled down and Mom started snoozing when a huge storm blew thru here.  It was really windy.  It was bad enough that it woke her up.  It also freaked out the heathens.  I liked that part. 

I've been getting lots of beauty rest while Mom works.  And when she gets home I rest some more.  Mom is POOPED when she gets home.  She mutters things like 'Excel spreadsheet' and cringes.  hehe.  Oh she said there is a doofus boy there too!  He dresses like a slob, likes to show his butt crack (yew!) and told two of the women last week about having his back, chest and arms waxed.  The good thing is, he ignores Mom, cause you know, Mom is old.  (trust me, Mom heard from someone who said 'you are not old').  But Mom is glad that he ignores her.  I guess all 3 women in the group (mom is one of them) cannot stand the guy.  There is usually one in every office, this is the one. 

It is still raining outside.  We need it bad.  The dirt was getting really dry.  Now maybe what grass is out there will grow and turn green. 

Louie was giving Mom a helping hand. 

Oh sure Louie, you think you are hot shit.  No, you aren't.  You ARE stinky shit.  (yeah, when the heathens potty, it could peel of paint)

Ooooo, tabby heathens fighting.  Probably over me, cause I am one hot kitty. 

I better rest now.  Hopefully I will write more often, it all depends on Mom and how she feels. 

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  1. Ellie, I've missed your entries so much!! You are one of my fav authors. I know sometimes Moom is too worn out to help you write, but know you have fans out here!! BTW, where was Robin, no mention of him this time. Maybe he looks better compared to the heathens? Thanks again Ellie, have a good nap!