Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heathens at the door

Always, there are always heathens at the door.

Yesterday Mom pulled 'weeds' but to us kitties, it is a salad bar. 
YES, grass weeds!  We all love to snack on it.  In fact, when the Heathens see Mom pulling any weeds they get all excited and meet her at the door and won't let her do anything till they get their salad!

mmmmm, salad.  It is on my diet you know.

There haven't been enough pictures of Robin.  He is a bit standoffish towards Mom but sure, a stranger comes in the house, he is more than ready to be best friends with them.  Mom had someone here on Friday to do the estimate on getting the screen room rescreened (she is getting done).  Robin was all over the guy.  But, Robin really isn't into Mom. 

Now about heathens at the door......

OK, I am going to rest.  I let Mom sleep till 7 am this morning, which is rare for Mom.  She has been waking up all hours of the night but last night it was snooze city baby!  Now I need to catch up on my zzz's.....

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Mom was mean to me.  She went in and filled my kibble bowl (1/2 a cup of kibble a day) and forgot to take it off the kitchen counter and put it in her bathroom.  I went without kibble for almost 10 hours!  I was wasting away and not in Margaritaville either!  ok, so it was an accident and I feel bad Ellie.  I saw how you dug right into the bowl of kibble when I placed in front of your royal face.
Look at me, I am skin and bones!!! 

And get this, Mom got me a DOG harness today.  DOG HARNESS!!  She said I am too round to use the cat harness (I can fit in it if I hold my breath).  Do you know WHY she got the DOG HARNESS??  So I have to leave my safe room (the bedroom) and see the heathens and get some exercise.  dammit, round is a shape!!!

Mom almost has all her bills paid off after that long stretch of unemployment.  Almost.  And guess what she gets to spend money on next?

That is a large hole in the top of the screen room.  Mom doesn't know how it got there.  Or when.  Just that she is not happy with it and worries that a heathen might decide to climb up there (they are good but not that good).  So some more money will be spent and not on me.  Mom wanted a new television for the family room...that will have to wait a bit longer.  And we need a new air conditioner, that will be in the winter that Mom does that.  As long was we stay employed of course (and in this world, that is always something that can change, no, Mom doesn't think so but you never know!)

I hear Mom is going to make me wear that harness thing again.  I am not pleased.  Not pleased at all.

Really really pissed in fact

Yes, I have pretty green eyes but they can give the stink eye really well

LOOK what I have to put up with..sorry, it is blurry, I think Mom was laughing when she took the photo.

OK folks move along, nothing to see here. 

I'm going to rest now.  I'm pretty sure that there will be 'exercise' in my future and in Mom's (she is getting fat!). 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Poor Mom.  Ouch.
Mom got an ouchie.   She is pet sitting the neighbor lady's kitty.  Today he got out of the house and Mom had to chase after him.  Tiger got under a car and Mom reached under the car to get him.  Tiger got scared and bit MOM!!!!  She didn't pull away, cause she knew, that would be bad.  Tiger was scared.  Mom got some water and threw it under the car.  Tiger came back to the front door with no problem.  Mom doesn't want to tell the neighbor lady cause she will be upset.  So Mom will make a fib and not tell her. 
This is Tiger, from when Mom took care of him in 2007.  He wasn't angry, he was just showing his fangs.
Mom had something good happen yesterday at her work.  She was on a conference call with her client, Mom deals with some weird ass stuff.....anyway, she was on this call, letting them know what she had issues with, stuff with another company, data, questions.  When the call was over Mom went back to her desk and was cleaning up stuff so she could go home.  All of a sudden the VP of Sales and the Director came over and asked 'who was on that call with AT&T?'.  It was Mom she she asked 'why?'.  Seems that AT&T was pleased with Mom.  The head honcho on the product asked the VP if Mom was always so detail oriented and energetic.  Yup, she is.  When she enjoys something she is.  And get this, Mom likes this stuff.  So Mom ended her day with a smile.  About time. 

OK, I want to tell about something weird.  I saw a man in Mom's house last night.  I came out from under the bed and out in the family room and there was a HUMAN HEATHEN in there with Mom!!  OMC!!!  I let him see me.  He didn't scare me too much.  But I still went back into MY bedroom and hid under the bed.  Mom seems to think he is ok, maybe he is, I don't know.  He is a boy so you know, he is a heathen.  But I let someone other that Mom see me.   That was major.  

Mom is feeling better at work.  There are ups and downs, just like in everything in life.   and ooooooo, the new director is someone that Mom worked with a long tome ago, worked for in 2004 and now works for again.  It is nice to see someone who does know how Mom works and that she cares about what she does.  Hopefully, yes, hopefully, this will be good for Mom and her career. 

Well, I am going to take a nap now.  You know us kitties, we sleep 18 hours a day at least.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Mom said more stuff happened at work.  She got a new boss.  Who is an old friend, coworker, project lead, boss.  Mom thinks it kind of ticks off folks that Mom knows him  Oh well, that is there issue, right?  Yup.  hehe

Mom lost some weight.  I am not sure where it went.  Mom doesn't know why it happened either.  She isn't upset about it....which is good. 

I got embarrassed last night.  I was all happy on the bed, rolling around, looking cute and whoops, I fell off the bed.  i was totally embarrassed.  Mom didn't laugh at me though.  I don't know why the bed kicked me out.  I got back up on the bed and made sure to cuddle Mom all night.  You know what?  That is HARD WORK. Mom said she is having these hot flashie things...she gets all warm and wakes up.  Last night we watched the P90X commercial again. Mom knows a man who is doing this...he said he wants 6 pack abs before he gets old.  Not sure why, I have 36 pack abs and I am not old  I look great. 

The boys are being the same old doofuses as always.  Tonight Mom made me leave the bedroom for a few minutes.  I was not happy and ran back in...with Louie chasing me and Mom telling him to be good.  Like that will EVER happen. 

The lead doofus, Louie, trying to look sexy.  Yeah, right, sexy. 

Oodles of doofuses. 
see the cat hair hanging out of Robin's mouth?  That is not his hair!  He got one of the heathens!!! I may hate Robin but he did good by taking on a Heathen!!!

Yummy!!!!  A hot heathen!!!!  you know, Hermie.

Well, I need to rest up so I can keep Mom nice and warm tonight during her hot flashies.