Saturday, June 4, 2011


Mom said more stuff happened at work.  She got a new boss.  Who is an old friend, coworker, project lead, boss.  Mom thinks it kind of ticks off folks that Mom knows him  Oh well, that is there issue, right?  Yup.  hehe

Mom lost some weight.  I am not sure where it went.  Mom doesn't know why it happened either.  She isn't upset about it....which is good. 

I got embarrassed last night.  I was all happy on the bed, rolling around, looking cute and whoops, I fell off the bed.  i was totally embarrassed.  Mom didn't laugh at me though.  I don't know why the bed kicked me out.  I got back up on the bed and made sure to cuddle Mom all night.  You know what?  That is HARD WORK. Mom said she is having these hot flashie things...she gets all warm and wakes up.  Last night we watched the P90X commercial again. Mom knows a man who is doing this...he said he wants 6 pack abs before he gets old.  Not sure why, I have 36 pack abs and I am not old  I look great. 

The boys are being the same old doofuses as always.  Tonight Mom made me leave the bedroom for a few minutes.  I was not happy and ran back in...with Louie chasing me and Mom telling him to be good.  Like that will EVER happen. 

The lead doofus, Louie, trying to look sexy.  Yeah, right, sexy. 

Oodles of doofuses. 
see the cat hair hanging out of Robin's mouth?  That is not his hair!  He got one of the heathens!!! I may hate Robin but he did good by taking on a Heathen!!!

Yummy!!!!  A hot heathen!!!!  you know, Hermie.

Well, I need to rest up so I can keep Mom nice and warm tonight during her hot flashies.  

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