Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heathens at the door

Always, there are always heathens at the door.

Yesterday Mom pulled 'weeds' but to us kitties, it is a salad bar. 
YES, grass weeds!  We all love to snack on it.  In fact, when the Heathens see Mom pulling any weeds they get all excited and meet her at the door and won't let her do anything till they get their salad!

mmmmm, salad.  It is on my diet you know.

There haven't been enough pictures of Robin.  He is a bit standoffish towards Mom but sure, a stranger comes in the house, he is more than ready to be best friends with them.  Mom had someone here on Friday to do the estimate on getting the screen room rescreened (she is getting done).  Robin was all over the guy.  But, Robin really isn't into Mom. 

Now about heathens at the door......

OK, I am going to rest.  I let Mom sleep till 7 am this morning, which is rare for Mom.  She has been waking up all hours of the night but last night it was snooze city baby!  Now I need to catch up on my zzz's.....

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