Sunday, June 19, 2011


Mom was mean to me.  She went in and filled my kibble bowl (1/2 a cup of kibble a day) and forgot to take it off the kitchen counter and put it in her bathroom.  I went without kibble for almost 10 hours!  I was wasting away and not in Margaritaville either!  ok, so it was an accident and I feel bad Ellie.  I saw how you dug right into the bowl of kibble when I placed in front of your royal face.
Look at me, I am skin and bones!!! 

And get this, Mom got me a DOG harness today.  DOG HARNESS!!  She said I am too round to use the cat harness (I can fit in it if I hold my breath).  Do you know WHY she got the DOG HARNESS??  So I have to leave my safe room (the bedroom) and see the heathens and get some exercise.  dammit, round is a shape!!!

Mom almost has all her bills paid off after that long stretch of unemployment.  Almost.  And guess what she gets to spend money on next?

That is a large hole in the top of the screen room.  Mom doesn't know how it got there.  Or when.  Just that she is not happy with it and worries that a heathen might decide to climb up there (they are good but not that good).  So some more money will be spent and not on me.  Mom wanted a new television for the family room...that will have to wait a bit longer.  And we need a new air conditioner, that will be in the winter that Mom does that.  As long was we stay employed of course (and in this world, that is always something that can change, no, Mom doesn't think so but you never know!)

I hear Mom is going to make me wear that harness thing again.  I am not pleased.  Not pleased at all.

Really really pissed in fact

Yes, I have pretty green eyes but they can give the stink eye really well

LOOK what I have to put up with..sorry, it is blurry, I think Mom was laughing when she took the photo.

OK folks move along, nothing to see here. 

I'm going to rest now.  I'm pretty sure that there will be 'exercise' in my future and in Mom's (she is getting fat!). 

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  1. Poor Ellie, you are so abused!!! I can understand the anger at the dog harness, though...if she had said it would look nicer on you instead of the cat size isn't big enough, it would have been better!!! Just be your sweet loving self, and don't let the every stuff bother you!!