Saturday, June 11, 2011


Poor Mom.  Ouch.
Mom got an ouchie.   She is pet sitting the neighbor lady's kitty.  Today he got out of the house and Mom had to chase after him.  Tiger got under a car and Mom reached under the car to get him.  Tiger got scared and bit MOM!!!!  She didn't pull away, cause she knew, that would be bad.  Tiger was scared.  Mom got some water and threw it under the car.  Tiger came back to the front door with no problem.  Mom doesn't want to tell the neighbor lady cause she will be upset.  So Mom will make a fib and not tell her. 
This is Tiger, from when Mom took care of him in 2007.  He wasn't angry, he was just showing his fangs.
Mom had something good happen yesterday at her work.  She was on a conference call with her client, Mom deals with some weird ass stuff.....anyway, she was on this call, letting them know what she had issues with, stuff with another company, data, questions.  When the call was over Mom went back to her desk and was cleaning up stuff so she could go home.  All of a sudden the VP of Sales and the Director came over and asked 'who was on that call with AT&T?'.  It was Mom she she asked 'why?'.  Seems that AT&T was pleased with Mom.  The head honcho on the product asked the VP if Mom was always so detail oriented and energetic.  Yup, she is.  When she enjoys something she is.  And get this, Mom likes this stuff.  So Mom ended her day with a smile.  About time. 

OK, I want to tell about something weird.  I saw a man in Mom's house last night.  I came out from under the bed and out in the family room and there was a HUMAN HEATHEN in there with Mom!!  OMC!!!  I let him see me.  He didn't scare me too much.  But I still went back into MY bedroom and hid under the bed.  Mom seems to think he is ok, maybe he is, I don't know.  He is a boy so you know, he is a heathen.  But I let someone other that Mom see me.   That was major.  

Mom is feeling better at work.  There are ups and downs, just like in everything in life.   and ooooooo, the new director is someone that Mom worked with a long tome ago, worked for in 2004 and now works for again.  It is nice to see someone who does know how Mom works and that she cares about what she does.  Hopefully, yes, hopefully, this will be good for Mom and her career. 

Well, I am going to take a nap now.  You know us kitties, we sleep 18 hours a day at least.  zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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