Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday United States!!!

You don't look a day over 234!  

This is the 4th of July, 1961.  See the woman in the middle at the picnic table with the baby in her lap.  That's my namesake (Helen, Mary, Eleanor) and the baby is MY MOM!!!  The bored looking 16 year old to the left of my Grandma is my aunt Adele.  She looks thrilled to be there. And the blond boy at the end of the bench is Mom's brother Robin. Mom's Grandma is the old lady on the left, Ethel.  The others are just various relatives. 

It has been a nice weekend here.  Mom has been home for 4 days!!!  I got to snuggle with her and lay on her and it has been awesome!  But she says she has to go back to that 'work' place tomorrow.  She doesn't sound too thrilled about that.  hmmmmm

Mom was online last night looking at cameras.  She has one she wants, she is saving her money to get it.  Great, so she can even more pictures of the heathens, like we need more pictures of THEM!   What about ME!!!!!

I better rest, I understand that there is some sort of celebration involved with this birthday stuff.  Fireworks (ick), noise (ick). 

Happy Birthday USA!!!

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