Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day Robin!!!!

One year ago today, Mom rescued Robin.  We all thought Robin was a girl (Mom didn't even check) but nope, Robin was a boy and a heathen to boot! 

He has come a long way I guess.  Today Mom was on the couch and Robin was rubbing against her toes and legs, being all loving like.  He was even purring when Mom put him on her lap to get some good love in.  How dare he. 
Looks like after a year, he has made himself at home. 

Yesterday Mom had to replace the guts of the toilet in the guest bathroom.  Very painful for Mom.  Her hands and wrists are in pain.  And her fingers were swollen last night.  Today it is better, plus the toilet is all fixed and doesn't leak! 

Oh sure, Robin, show how pretty you are.  I am still the kitty that gets to sleep with Mom all night.  So there.

We've had weather here, lots of rain.  LOTS of rain.  Not a hurricane but lots of rain.  We need it I guess.  It irritates the heathens cause it stops them from having real patio time.  TOO BAD!!! 

Mom says work is ok.  Like she told her guy friend, it is work, if it were fun we wouldn't be allowed to do it. 

well, that is all the news that I have now.  Mom is making home made vegetable beef soup with home made of her favorite meals.  And there is sangria in the fridge.  Mom will be happy and goofy!  My favorite kind of Mom.

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