Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm being quiet right now.  Mom is stressed (job) but ok and that affects me and the other kitties.  They can tell Mom needs them.  It explains why all 3 boys were swarming Mom while she was on the couch reading a book today.  It made her laugh.  She needed it. 

This is a cool picture of Hermie that someone modified.  Mom thinks it is cool.  I hope to have a picture of me done like this sometime. 
This made Mom laugh hard.  Cause this is how it is at every job.  Someone always thinks that they are working harder than others and their stuff is more important.  And guess what?  it is like that again. Mom has said she is going to update her resume so that she can be on the hunt for something.  Yes, she likes the job but does not like the attitude of some of the folks 
Not one of the heathens but could easily be.  Only our heathens are cuter and sweeter.  Yes, I admit it.  I like the heathens.  They make Mom smile.  That is important. 

And I must rest up now.  I have to watch over Mom all night while she sleeps.  Hard work but I love my job.  And my Mom.  

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  1. Ellie, we knew it all the time! Those boys are too cute to hate! Although they can show some obnoxious behavior now and then.....