Sunday, August 21, 2011


Mom is on her kick again.  Exercising.  blech.  She got on the evil scale yesterday and saw a number,  which is GOOD!!!!  Mom wants to see a lower number by her birthday.  Two and a half months away.  So she exercised this weekend.  Good!  She is going to keep on exercising. 

One of the crazy cat ladies that Mom knows from stuff on my cat is very ill.  She has been in Mom's thoughts quite a bit.  Mom tells us about it.  It scares her.  She knows that this CCL thinks Hermie is awesome.  So Mom thought that a picture of Hermie on here for Linda would help.

Yup, that picture I KNOW can get thru to Linda...get well soon CCL!!!!

Oh man, this week, the carnage......

Louie brought a lizard in the house on Tuesday, Mom couldn't get it out of the house so it is somewhere.  Friday Hermie brought a frog in the house.  Mom got it away from Hermie (who growled mean like at Mom) and took the frog back out in the wet yard.  And this morning Robin ate part of a frog.  Mom found frog minus a leg and some innards.  I don't think Robin liked the taste too much.  He sounded like he was trying to bring the leg back up. 

Hopefully this week will be better.  
Well, I'm all tired out from writing this.  I'm going to nap and send lots of purrs out to California to that Linda lady. 


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