Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Experiment Gone Bad

Wow.  Mom is pet sitting the neighbor's kitty, Tiger, again.  And since Mom will be pet sitting him for almost a month at the end of September, she thought it might be a good idea if Tiger spent some time in our house.  BAD IDEA!!!

It started off pretty good. 
This was the best.

The worst was:  Tiger was in the office with Mom on Saturday, with the pet gate up.  Hermie was outside the room looking in.  Tiger ran at the gate and pushed it down, ran after Hermie, intent on hurting him.  Mom caught up with them in the little hall outside of her bedroom.  Tiger was going after Hermie, there was much screaming, including Mom.  Mom grabbed what she could and threw it at them to break up the fight (magazines and books).  Fight broken up, Tiger was scruffed, taken back to the office and  put back in his carrier and the door to the room was shut.  Mom went looking for Hermie, found him under the bed in the heathen room.  She went looking for Louie and couldn't find him. Then she looked up, he was on top of the plant shelf, terrified.  He was very scared, it was awful.  Mom crawled up and brought him down and sat down with him, he was scared, very scared.  He went into the heathen room too and under the bed.  Hermie growled at Mom, he was upset.  Louie was just terrified.  Robin was fine, Mom had to make him come in from the patio.   and me?  I was under Mom's bed cause I heard a cat fight and didn't want to be involved.

Mom took Tiger back to his house, made sure all was safe for him and came home to check on the heathens. 

Hermie recovered pretty fast.  Louie, not so much.
Louie hid behind the washer and under the dryer.  Mom finally got him to come out for some cat grass.

All night Louie was traumatized.  Mom was very worried about him.  He did go in the heathen room at bedtime and ate his kitty treats.  But this morning Mom had to get him out from under the bed again. 

Thankfully Louie is feeling better now.  He still jumps at noises so we are all trying to be nice and not scare him. 

Hermie is fine, not a scratch on him and he got in a few licks on Tiger too.  Robin is good.  And me?  I'm perfect.

Mom went over later last night to check on Tiger, he was fine and he was good today too. 

I know Mom wishes that it had worked out but it was not meant to be.  Tiger is a one kitty in the house kind of cat.  And Mom will not let the heathens and me be hurt or upset.

The experiment failed.

Other than that,, things are good around here.  Mom talks to that guy all the time, seems she cares about him and he cares about her.  I can understand caring about Mom but really Mom, do you have to let a human heathen in the house?  He better be litterbox trained!!!

I've been doing my best to make Mom feel better.  It is difficult though.   I cuddle her all night.  I figure someone has to do the job and I am the best kitty for the job. 

Well, that was the drama for the weekend.  You know Mom, she loves drama.  hahahahaha

I must nap, I have to cuddle Mom all night and I need my sleep now so I can watch over her all night. 

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