Saturday, August 27, 2011

Someone ELSE is on a DIET!!!!

Mom took the tabby heathens to the doctor today.  hahahaha

So, Mom put then in the carriers, no problem but when they got in the car they started singing.  Really loud!  Back and forth to each other.  They would not shut up!  They could both see Mom but that was not helping.  Mom was stopped at a light and saw a doggie in the car in front to them....the car turned down the street where the mean doctor lady is....Mom told the boys that she thought the doggie might be going there too.  And guess what?  The doggie did!!! 

Anyway, once Mom walked into the Vet's office and the heathens shut up.  They stopped yodeling. 

And then it was their turn in the doc's office.  Mom warned them that Louie expressed his displeasure last year by expressing his anal glands.  he was good this year!!!!  They were both good boys.  Hermie weighs 13.3 pounds, Louie 14.2.  Doctor Morgan said that HERMIE HAS TO GO ON A DIET!!!!  whoohoo!!!!!  She said Louie is perfect (hahaha), said he is a MOOSE!!!  A very long cat. 

I know it is shocking that Hermie has to diet.  Mom was told that the two boys just have different body types and metabolism.   Mom said that the boys are going to have to start EXERCISING!!!!

Mom came home and ordered some more 'Da Bird' feathers....cheaper online rather than in the store.  And the boys already had a round of JUMP FOR  DA BIRD.

And here is the latest kill of Louie's.
Pretty sure it is a cricket.  yew!

This is NOT my baby.  Actually Hermie delivered this stuffie to the bed.  I was scared at first.  Mom sat there laughing at me cause I approached the stuffie so carefully.  Still not my baby.

Everything else is 'ok'.  Mom is still employed.  Someone else there is no longer employed there.  Yeah, that was not good at all.  We won't talk about it though, again, in case someone finds this blog and reads it. 

Well, I need to work on my body now.  I'm going to nap.

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  1. Oh Ellie, I just found my bookmark of your blog and forgot how much I LOVE to read it! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up but plan on catching up tonight. You're such a sweetie pie!

    xoxox, headbutts and bonks
    Bethi ♥