Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm not sure what was going on, but Mom woke up last night all upset.  She held me and told me to not get eaten by alligators.

Ellie, I had a nightmare.  I dreamt you were being chased by an alligator and I couldn't get to you to help you.  You ran down in to the storm drain!  Don't you know, that is where alligators live!

ohhhhhhhhhh, ok, Mom, I won't get eaten by an alligator (sigh)

Mom was home all day yesterday, she said it is called 'vacation', I call it wonderful.  I'm always happy to have Mom home. 

Things are ok around here. .  Her guy friend asked her last night if she is ever going to program again.  Mom said yes, cause that is what she loves to do, not this stuff she is doing now.  I think that made him happy, he knows that Mom is smart (he told her even) and she needs to do something that shows that off.  But to be prepared, in case of you know, Mom is going to be ready with a site to get up and running.  She already has some business cards printed, get this, with pictures of us kitties on them!  Yes!!  She figures the best way to advertise about how she feels about kitties is to put some much love kitties on the cards. 

The boys are heathens.  Hermie caught a baby frog earlier this week, Mom saved the frog.  And today Hermie jumped up the screen room to get to a lizard, he got the lizard, Mom screamed and chased after Hermie to get the lizard back. 
I hope Mom's language doesn't upset anyone.  Yes, the lizard was saved.  And 3 boy kitties scattered like crazy when Mom yelled.  I of course was very interested at what was going on but was not involved, cause I am a perfect little princess.

Mom is all excited, her Cornhuskers are playing football today!  They joined the Big 10 this year so it is all new and very exciting until they lose and suck.  But she will still watch and listen.  Being in Florida, Nebraska games don't get much tv time but she can listen to them online.   Both Mom and her sister listen to the games, they like them plus, it makes them think of Grandpa and how much he loved his Big Red. 

So, life is ok here.  Mom is good.  She is happy to be losing weight but she really needs to step up and start the exercising thing.  She finds excuses every single day.  What is her excuse today?  I don't have excuses Ellie, I'm just lazy, I know I need to exercise, stop bitching at me!!  Wow, she gets testy.  I, of course, do not need exercise, I have the perfect kitty body, well, 2 bodies but who's counting.

I must nap, hope I don't dream of alligators. 

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