Saturday, September 10, 2011


So Mom was home 2 days this week, it was awesome.  I love when she is home with us kitties.  Not sure if I want her unemployed again but I want her happy.  It is a quandary. 

"Louie and Robin, you must not hump Ellie, she doesn't like it"  hahaha, yeah, like they will listen to the all knowing Ostrich!

Robin went to the doctor lady on Tuesday.  hahaha, good. 

Really Ellie, it is not nice to make fun of your brothers.  Robin did fine at the vet.  He is down a pound so I have to work on helping him gain weight.  He is off his antidepressant for his bladder cystitis.  Now he is very active, follows me everywhere and is very loving.  I like him like this.  Unfortunately, he peed inappropriately today.  I will watch, if I see more then I will call the vet and get him back on his pills.  dammit, I like the perky Robin.

BUT MOM!!!!  Robin got on the bed with us and looked at me and HISSED.  Yes, I hissed back at him, he deserved it.  He thinks he is so special, being skinny and all.  blech.

Robin LOVES the catnip cigar. 

"Louie, you must hump Ellie, Robin, you must not look at Ellie", listen to the Ostrich!!!!

 Yup, it has been verified.  I am HOT!

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