Sunday, October 23, 2011


Fall is here!!!!  In FLORIDA even!  It has gotten cooler and it is wonderful to sleep.  Mom says her hot flashies are better now.  Good, cause I like her sleeping better. 

Tiger goes home soon.  On Tuesday!  Yeah!!!!!!  I've only seen him once and that was more than enough for me.  Mom wants her office back too.  She also wants to be able to workout without hassles.  

Do you know what tomorrow is?  MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I will be 5 whole years old.  I don't look a day over 3.  It is also 5 years since Mom's Mom went to the rainbow bridge.  My mom isn't sad about it.  Grandma was very sick, she had something called Alzheimer's.  So no sadness.  And remember, it is MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Heathens are being 'good', as good as they can be of course.  They are enjoying the open windows.  Yes, the screens are in, they are not allowed outside.  They are nice and safe in this house.  Big whoop.

And now for a few photos
Mom and my Grandma from 2001. 

And one of Mom and Grandma from a long time ago, 1963 or so.  Look, Mom has on majorette boots.

Mom as Little Miss Muffet.  Grandma made the Halloween costume.  You may have seen the hat before. 


OK, I know folks are worried cause I don't write very often but I know you understand why.  Just know that we are all doing fine and will continue to do fine.

I'm off to get my beauty sleep.  Ta!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


There is an extra heathen in the house.   Tiger.  I got to see him the other night.  I was not impressed and he tried to chase me.  He was grabbed and shoved back in the crate and told 'do NOT hurt Ellie, you will be in for major pain if you even try'.  I think Mom meant it too!  He is going to be with us for another 2 weeks till his parents come home.  It is ok, he is safe here and there is no interaction with the other heathens. 

A site that Mom reads has something called Caturday every week.  This week someone posted that 2 of her cats were poisoned and died.  The vet thought it was anti-freeze.  Today she posted again and said all the other cats are locked up, they will not be leaving the house.  And she saw the neighbors new car and thought about torching it.  But didn't want bad karma to come to her.  They poisoned her cats cause they got paw prints on their new car.  Let me say this right now:  I hope you burn in hell for what you did.   How could anyone hurt an animal?  Really?  THIS is what humans do?  Not all humans.  I don't like those kind of humans. 

OK, so I've been whining a lot.  I needed to get it off my chest.

He is orange but he is no Bob.  

Louie, with the collar on.  Mom hasn't gotten a good picture of the heathens in the Halloween costume, yet. 

And Mom spent money.  Nothing fancy.  She had her eye exam for contacts and also purchased new glasses.  They were expensive.  OUCH!  Even with insurance.  But in order to see, she needs to get them.  When they saw the prescription at the store they said this 'wow'.  yeah, Mom is really myopic.  Thankfully they can help her see with glasses.
Mom is geeky, she likes her wire rimmed glasses.  No no NO plastic lenses...they make her think of the glasses she wore as a little girl and they make her cringe.
Yup, that is Mom in the background.  The little boy is her nephew.  This is round 1970.  And look, kitties!!!! 

Well, I vented, I told tales and I spilled my guts.  I am POOPED!  I must rest, I know I will be helping Mom sleep again tonight.