Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things We are Thankful For - 2011

Mom is letting the heathens say what they are thankful for.  I don't think it is fair of course......

Robin here.  I have lots of things to be thankful for.
  • Antidepressants.  I"m not depressed but I have pee issues, bladder cystitis.  My antidepressant makes it better for me to pee. 
  • Mom.  She doesn't scare me so much anymore.  Yes, she shoves a pill down my throat 2 times a day but she does it with love.  I do make her chase me a bit first of course.  I call it 'exercise'.
  • Gravy.  I only like gravy foods.  I like to lick the gravy.  I eat dry foods but the gravy is yummy.  Oh and appetizers, the Fancy Feast kind.  YUM!
  • Home.  I'm inside, safe and sound, with Mom, my brothers and that girl kitty Ellie
Hi, Louie the lover here.  I'm thankful for many things too
  • My sex appeal.  Oh yes, everyone wants me.  I flaunt it too.  When someone comes over to our house I will show them my gorgeous tummy and ask for rubs.  Sometimes I even get them.  Mom calls me a slut for tummy rubs.  Yup, I am!
  • Feather Toy.  I can't jump as high as I used to but I still LOVE the feather toy.  So much so that Mom locks it up from me.  But sometimes I sneak into the closet and try to get it. 
  • Treats.  Whiska's Dairy Treats and Friskies Crunch treats.  I get some when Mom goes to work and then some more at bedtime.  Sometimes I eat them too fast and then I upchuck them. 
  • Mom.  Yes, she picks me up and cuddles me (I squirm) cause it is icky and she kisses me.  But she is still a good hooman. 
Hello there!  Hermie the MAGNIFICENT here.  I too am thankful for stuff.
  • Lizards.  Spiders.  Slugs.  Yes, I love them all.  And I bring them in the house.  I do it out of love for Mom.  She isn't a good hunter but I sure am! 
  • Thumbs.  I have them and I do know how to use them when I want to.  And it makes Mom giggle when she sees me walking on my tip toes (it is what it looks like to her)
  • Lizards.  Yeah, I really am thankful for lizards
  • Mom.  I get lots of snuggles from her.  I don't try to get away like my brothers do.  I LIKE the snuggles.  She kisses me and hugs me and calls me her little Hermie Wormie. 
  • Lizards
Finally, it is my turn.  Those stoopid heathens, they talk too much.  Now I get to tell you all what I am thankful for.
  • Home.  I like living inside.  I lived outside before I rescued Mom.  It was scary.  People yelled at me.  I had babies and couldn't take care of them very well.  I was hungry and sick.  Then Mom came along and the rest is history. 
  • Mom.  She is my heartMom.  The day I found her, she was sad.  She needed me as much as I needed her.  Now that I have her I would never give her up. 
  • Food.  Yes, I said it, I am thankful for food.  I LOVE to eat my dry food.  And I sneak and get some of Robin's kibble too.  I don't tell Mom but I think she knows. 
  • Exercise.  hahahaha, get real.  I am so not exercising.
  • Everything.  I'm thankful for everything.  I have a great home, a Mom to love, heathens to hate.  What more could a kitty ask for!
OK, so the cats got to say what they were thankful for, now it is my turn!
  • Home.  It isn't just a house, it is a home.  It feels right. 
  • Friends.  I'm thankful for all of my friends.  Those that I now in real life and those that I know online.  You are all very special to me.
  • Employment.  Yes, I am thankful for employment.  There are always pitfalls wherever you work, just have to learn to roll with the punches.
  • Kitties.  There, I said it.  I'm thankful for my cats.  I love all four of them.  I cannot imagine not having all of them.  I'm sad that I wasn't able to save gorgeous boy earlier this year but am glad I was able to help him be at peace. 
Finally, everyone is done with their thankful stuff. 

This is probably 1977 or so.  That is Mom next to her nephew Matt making the moose ears.  You can see Matt's parents shaking their heads on the right there.  And Grandpa has the plate full of turkey, he is REALLY thankful!  Mom remembers Thanksgiving fondly from growing up.  Grandma was an outstanding cook.  The kitchen smelled wonderful and there was always lots of laughter at the table.  Constant talking.   Mom's been to friends houses for Thanksgiving....nothing is quite like the ones she remembers. 

Well, our turkey is in the oven roasting.  Mom has to make the dressing and broccoli side still.  It is just us kitties and Mom which is fine by me.  I will get some turkey even!  I'll skip the sides thing.  Those sound very icky. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love and smooches,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Mom took vacation this week.  I am not sure what that means really.  She is home with us kitties and she is relaxing.  Those are good things.  Of course she still isn't sleeping really good.  She did last night...took some cold medicine to kick the sniffles to the curb.  I of course snuggled her all night, not getting up once to partake of the kibble (you believe that?)

I hear that the dreaded holiday pictures will be occurring soon.  I'm scared what will happen this year.  It will be AWFUL I am sure.  I might even have to be in a picture with a heathen.  I hate heathens.  Detest.  Stinky heathens.

Mom went to the doctor lady this week.  No, they didn't do mean things to her.  They talked about hormones.  That sounds icky. Mom is pawsing.  Really?  What is that?  I don't know but Mom said it is fine but that in order to stay healthy and keep her bones strong she has to get some pills to keep her that way.  Mom seems happy about this pawsing. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  You know what that means.  FOOD!  A little turkey.  I don't eat much people food but I hope to get a taste of the turkey.  And I guess we are all going to say what we are thankful for.  I am disappointed that the heathens are going to be allowed to take over my blog but I guess I do have to share.  I don't like it, don't like it at all. 

Louie.  He is good looking but I hate him.  He tries to do mean things to me.  I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!  I've never done anything to him other to hiss and swat at him. 

I better rest up and not eat today...cause tomorrow TURKEY DAY!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mom is starving me!!!!

Mom didn't feed me last night!  She forgot to put my kibble back in the bathroom after filling the bowl up.  She noticed this morning.  I was STARVED!!  Thankfully there was kibble for me to nom on.

Mom is excited.  She has one week of work and then has off, count them, a whole week off from work!!!  A whole week  Unless...someone says otherwise.  It has happened to Mom before.  She had one boss who asked before her vacation if she was going out of town.  She said no.  So that boss canceled her vacation.  She was the only one to have her vacation canceled.  That was about the time Mom decided she had enough of it and gave up the lead position and within a year, she left that job. 

So a week off!  Mom has a couple of doctor appointments scheduled and then she is going to make TURKEY! for Thanksgiving  I might get a nibble. 

Hermie with his mouth usual.  Look at his black lipstick.  And his stripes.  And his eyes that weird.   He is so handsome!

Louie just likes to be a bit different.  Heck, he is a whole lot of different.  Mom likes him though.  She says he is her handsome boy.  I think he is a horrible heathen. 

And finally a picture of the last heathen, Robin.  You know he had the balls (hahahahaha) to come into MY bathroom last week?  While I was there!  I hissed at him.  Real mean like.  he just meowed and Mom told ME to shut up.  ME!!!! 

I tell you, I get no respect.  Just for that I won't eat tonight.  Oh who am kidding, I am off to snack now! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mom is old

Well, not really.  But she got older today.  I gave her snuggles as a birthday present.  But wait till you find out what she got from the heathens.

Mom was in the kitchen, making her breakfast when she saw Hermie and Louie run by her.  That is never good.  She saw a lizard hanging out of Hermie's mouth so off she went to try and save the lizard.  Hermie ran under the guest bed when he thought he was going have the lizard taken away.  He GROWLED at Mom!!!  Then he got out from under there and and ran into my bedroom and under MY bed!  Mom got the squirt gun to get him to move.  Well he moved but left the lizard.  Under MY BED!!!  Mom left the lizard and had her breakfast and then decided it was time to get the dead lizard out of there.  Out came the broom and the yard stick.  Well, the lizard moved.  IT WAS ALIVE!!! UNDER MY BED!!!!  So mom tried to get the lizard out but then the unthinkable happened.  Louie helped.  He grabbed the lizard and came out from under the bed where Mom was able to take the lizard away and save a life. 

Mom got something for her birthday too.  She bought something.  She hasn't given herself a gift in 2 years.  So she got something.  A new camera.  Do you know she has the audacity to take pictures of ME???
The first picture with the new camera.  Aren't I pretty?  Yes, yes I am pretty.

Then Mom got crazy.  And took other pictures
Hermie.......I think he is giving Mom the finger

Robin looks to be leafing.

oooo, the holiday festivities have started

I guess Louie had to be in the pictures too.  He looks kind of cute.  For a heathen.

And a picture of Mom. 

Mom was home all day today and she will be home tomorrow too.  She took some vacation days.  Tonight Toni and Jack, her neighbors and friends, took her out to dinner.  Tomorrow one of the crazy cat ladies and her husband are going to come over and visit.  I plan on hiding.  But I bet Mom will make me come out and show off my substantial roundness.    I'll run under the bed as fast as I can after they see me.  I hope there is a lizard under there for me.