Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mom is old

Well, not really.  But she got older today.  I gave her snuggles as a birthday present.  But wait till you find out what she got from the heathens.

Mom was in the kitchen, making her breakfast when she saw Hermie and Louie run by her.  That is never good.  She saw a lizard hanging out of Hermie's mouth so off she went to try and save the lizard.  Hermie ran under the guest bed when he thought he was going have the lizard taken away.  He GROWLED at Mom!!!  Then he got out from under there and and ran into my bedroom and under MY bed!  Mom got the squirt gun to get him to move.  Well he moved but left the lizard.  Under MY BED!!!  Mom left the lizard and had her breakfast and then decided it was time to get the dead lizard out of there.  Out came the broom and the yard stick.  Well, the lizard moved.  IT WAS ALIVE!!! UNDER MY BED!!!!  So mom tried to get the lizard out but then the unthinkable happened.  Louie helped.  He grabbed the lizard and came out from under the bed where Mom was able to take the lizard away and save a life. 

Mom got something for her birthday too.  She bought something.  She hasn't given herself a gift in 2 years.  So she got something.  A new camera.  Do you know she has the audacity to take pictures of ME???
The first picture with the new camera.  Aren't I pretty?  Yes, yes I am pretty.

Then Mom got crazy.  And took other pictures
Hermie.......I think he is giving Mom the finger

Robin looks to be leafing.

oooo, the holiday festivities have started

I guess Louie had to be in the pictures too.  He looks kind of cute.  For a heathen.

And a picture of Mom. 

Mom was home all day today and she will be home tomorrow too.  She took some vacation days.  Tonight Toni and Jack, her neighbors and friends, took her out to dinner.  Tomorrow one of the crazy cat ladies and her husband are going to come over and visit.  I plan on hiding.  But I bet Mom will make me come out and show off my substantial roundness.    I'll run under the bed as fast as I can after they see me.  I hope there is a lizard under there for me.

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