Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mom is starving me!!!!

Mom didn't feed me last night!  She forgot to put my kibble back in the bathroom after filling the bowl up.  She noticed this morning.  I was STARVED!!  Thankfully there was kibble for me to nom on.

Mom is excited.  She has one week of work and then has off, count them, a whole week off from work!!!  A whole week  Unless...someone says otherwise.  It has happened to Mom before.  She had one boss who asked before her vacation if she was going out of town.  She said no.  So that boss canceled her vacation.  She was the only one to have her vacation canceled.  That was about the time Mom decided she had enough of it and gave up the lead position and within a year, she left that job. 

So a week off!  Mom has a couple of doctor appointments scheduled and then she is going to make TURKEY! for Thanksgiving  I might get a nibble. 

Hermie with his mouth usual.  Look at his black lipstick.  And his stripes.  And his eyes that weird.   He is so handsome!

Louie just likes to be a bit different.  Heck, he is a whole lot of different.  Mom likes him though.  She says he is her handsome boy.  I think he is a horrible heathen. 

And finally a picture of the last heathen, Robin.  You know he had the balls (hahahahaha) to come into MY bathroom last week?  While I was there!  I hissed at him.  Real mean like.  he just meowed and Mom told ME to shut up.  ME!!!! 

I tell you, I get no respect.  Just for that I won't eat tonight.  Oh who am kidding, I am off to snack now! 

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