Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Freaking New Year

whoopeeeee!  Is it here yet?  Can I go back to sleep?

Another year gone.  Where has it gone?  I don't know!

This year had it's ups and downs.  Mom got a job, that is an up.  She isn't happy, that is a down.  We miss her, that is a down.  She can buy us food, that is an up.  We miss her, that is a major downer!  and it stresses her, even more of a downer!

What is on tap for the next year?  Lots of things I bet!

  1.  lose weight.  Both Mom and I need to lose weight.  I am not happy about it and neither is Mom but we need to, we have to do it.  
  2. not kill heathens.  Yeah, that will be difficult.  I really am not thrilled with them.  Mom likes them so I better not do anything too mean to them.
  3. Sleep more!  cool, I got that one covered
  4. snuggle Mom.  oh yes, this is a good one.  I do it really well.  And I like to throw myself across Mom to make sure she stays in bed.
  5. not kill heathens.  this is important I guess.
those are all good goals I guess.

Mom says she is going to look for something different to do.  She still has those vibes.  Those damned vibes.

here I am in my skinnier days.  I look pretty darned good!  Mom still thinks I was younger than the mean doctor lady said.

And this is where Mom wants to get back to.  Lots of treadmill and elliptical time in the future for Mom for SURE!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe new years eve.  And I am going to work on my resolutions.  First up, snuggle Mom!

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