Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is almost Christmas!  I have no idea what it is but it sounds wonderful.  Lots of yummy foods, gifts, loved ones.  Wait, is it Christmas every day here?  Cause I get yummy foods, I have gifts and toys and I have loved ones and must be true, it is Christmas in our house all the time. 

And Mom is home for the weekend.  Even better.  She has 4 days off...2 down, 2 to go. 

And the bags from Santy Claws were all filled and Mom turned her back.  Yup, that is Louie, he got in one and took it away and LOVED it.  Silly boy.  Mom had to rehide the bags from prying paws. 

Everything is good in our house.   Mom is good, she has lots of friends and some who even love her (yea, that is silly but she does).  The heathens are doing good too.  For heathens.  Robin is gaining some weight, he needs to.  Hopefully the mean doctor lady will be happy next time she sees him.  Louie is very healthy and goofy.  I hate him but Mom likes him so that is good, I guess.  Hermie is perfect.  Perfectly heathen!  He makes Mom laugh with his antics.  And I am perfect.  I'm doing my best to make sure Mom gets rest.  I wouldn't let her out of bed yesterday.  I plopped down on top of her and wouldn't let her get up. 

ooooo, looks like the tabby heathens were fighting.  They better be careful, Santy Paws might not bring them anything....cause they are naughty. 

Wow.....I bet I am going to get lots of new toys cause the heathens are so on the naughty list.

OK, I need to sleep cause I want to be awake when Santy Claws shows up.  I bet he has special treats for good little kitties like me. 

Merry Christmas everyone, have a safe and enjoyable holiday.


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