Saturday, January 28, 2012


Can you believe it?  I can't.  I'm in shock!!!!

Mom said she is getting DOGS.  Boy dogs!  More stoopid heathens!    They better be good heathens and stay away from me.  I am a princess.  I am, after all, the only girl in the house.

mmmmm, Ellie, I'm a girl.  And you will learn to deal with the new heathens. 

Mom said she will post pictures of the new boys when they get here.  They better not be in a picture with me!!!! I am a princess!!!!

I must rest.  I've over extended myself with the howling about new brothers. 

Monday, January 2, 2012


Mom hasta go back to work tomorrow!   We like her being at home.  I am speaking for the heathens too.  I think I can in this instance, I am pretty sure they like Mom too.

And I had a horrible experience this morning.  Mom made me leave the bedroom!  She says I am too fat and I need to move more.   I don't like moving!  I came out with her....but I growled the whole time.  I did not like being out and about.  I am afraid she is going to make me do it again.  yes Ellie, I am going to make you move.  We BOTH need to lose weight.  It will be easier for me but you, you my sweet, you really need to lose that weight.  Diabetes is not good and you are on your way to it. 

Shoot!  Exercise?  I hope I don't have to get on the dreadmill or the elliptikiller.  I don't want to exercise!

This is the last picture Mom has of her brother Robin.  This is Christmas 1989.  He is holding Emily, my other brother's daughter, who was all of 10 days old.  The woman next to him is my Mom.  Robin died on December 29th 1989.  He was buried January 2nd 1990.  Still miss you big brother.   Robin the cat is named after Robin the brother.  I think he would have liked that very much. 

OK Mom, stop writing!  I think she just wanted to remember Robin. 

Taco soup on the crock pot for dinner, no I won't get any.  Mom will though!  And we will need the heat on tonight.  I heard something about 'freeze'.  39 degrees tonight and 32 degrees tomorrow night.  Mom says 'brrrrrrrr'  I will do my best to keep her toasty. 

tata, I am off to rest cause I know there will be exercise later.  ICK!!!!