Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still Sharing DAMMIT!!!

I STILL have to share Mom at night with the stoopid dogs.  They really don't bother me.  They must realize that I really AM  a Princess!  All Hail, PRINCESS ELLIE!!!!

Mom is 'ok'.  She said stuff occurred at work on Wednesday.....and it was not good.  It went to HR.  It was about Mom, something that was done to Mom.  yeah......not good.  No, she is fine.  It was bullying and harassment in the office environment.  It was so bad that Mom's coworkers went to HR about it.  That night Mom was a little upset so I made sure to purr and help her sleep.  I'm really good at that.

Oh man.....Mom with dogs!!!  The white dog is Tina, she was a Chihuahua - Rat Terrier mix and very smart.  She would go to sleep with Mom and once Mom was asleep, go out and be with Mom's parents.  But Tina knew that Mom needed her to sleep.  The other little dog is Tiger.  He was accidentally hit by a broke Mom's brother's heart.  Yeah, my Uncle Tony loves animals and he was horribly upset by Tiger's death.  Now Uncle Tony has 3 kitties (Comet, Baby and Benny) and 1 dog (Jesse). 

Another picture of Mom with a dog.  This doggie is Aggie.  Mom found her wandering around her hometown.  Mom kept seeing her....and one day put her in the car and drove her back home to her house.  Aggie sat on the front porch.  Grandpa didn't want another dog.  He didn't want her to be fed.  But one night, Grandma heard Grandpa in the kitchen....she walked in and asked him what he was doing.  He said 'getting food for that dog'.  Aggie moved in.  She was a very good dog.  She hated car rides (she would shake) so it was figured that she rode in a car when she was dumped off.  She was missing the front of one of her paws (like it was cut off).  And she was very, very smart. 

I'm not sure if these doggies are smart or not...but they must be, they have Mom!!!

I think there was something else I was going to write......but I can't remember!!  I must need to sleep.  The princess needs her sleep.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have to share MY Mom with the barkers.  I am so not pleased.  Not pleased at all. 

She allowed those rats to sleep on MY bed last night!  I glowered at them the entire time.  They snuggled as close as they could to MY MOM!! 

There have been a few confrontations between the heathens and the barkers.  Mom yells at the barkers because she doesn't want them to hurt the heathens.  The Barkers try and corner the heathens.  Thankfully the heathens can get away from them.  I know, I know.....I said thankfully they can get away.  I know it would upset mom if they were hurt.  Mom heard one of the barkers yelp and then she couldn't find him....he was in the bathroom in his little bed.  Seems that someone may have given him a smack in the face. 

Soon, soon I will hurt them.

Mom likes them.  I tolerate them. 

Robin is so not pleased.  Not pleased at all.  Mom keeps telling him that it is ok but he doesn't agree. 

I hope that Robin starts to feel better about the dogs.  They are not going anywhere.  This is their forever home.  I know it takes time....and he will get there. 

I am so surprised at how Ellie has handled this whole thing.  She isn't upset, ok, a little ticked, but if she was really upset she would be hiding under the bed. 

Mom....this is MY blog.   Stop talking about the doggies.  It is all about ME!!!!

Well, I better rest.  Mom is going to need to sleep tonight.  She didn't sleep last night.  Insomnia.  I'll help her get some sleep, I plan on cuddling her all night long. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

4 Years Ago Today!!!

I rescued Mom.  

I was out minding my own business, hanging out on the street.  A really bad day for me.  I was so scared.  And alone.  Mom walked by with that big dog Wraggs.  She said hi and I hissed.  She went on.  well, crap....then she turned around and told me to stay there, that she would be back.  I knew she wouldn't.  They never com back. 

Imagine my surprise when SHE CAME BACK!  I was finally safe and loved. 

Yeah, I was really sick and little and oh so hungry.  See, I'd been on my own, a mommy to kitty babies.  I was barely out of kitten hood myself.  I don't know what happened to my babies.  I think they all found homes, that is what I like to think at least.

It took a lot of time for Mom and I to trust each other.  I'd never had a human before so this was new to me.  I thought they were all mean.  But not Mom.  She sat on the bathroom floor with me for hours.  Told me her life story (yawn), tried to touch me (smack) and just was there for me.  After 2 months I finally let her hold me in her arms. 

Since then Mom and I have been thru a whole lot together.  We lost Bob, the orange kitty (he was so handsome), Wraggs the big doggie who was wonderful also passed away.  I am not an only kitty of course.  Mom brought home baby kittens (NOT MINE) that I named 'the heathens'.  It fits.  She also rescued a gray and white kitty who has some pee issues (he takes antidepressants to ease the bladder pain).  And.  Just recently she brought in 2 damned barking heathens.  Barking Heathens Blog  I'm not scared of them.  They are little and they seem to know that I am the princess and must be obeyed. 

After 4 years Mom and I are pretty close.  She calls me her heart kitty.  Not sure what that means.  I call her my food plan.  I also really love her.  She takes such good care of me, making sure that nothing bad ever happens to me again. 

If you are really bored, go here my first blog entry  to read about my first meeting with the food lady, that is what I  called her back then.  Now she is Mom, Andi, food lady, protector. 

Ellie has been here 4 years today.  I can't believe it has been 4 years.  I can still remember that cold morning that Wraggs and I went out for a walk.  We were about a mile from the house when I came up on this little kitty on the side of the sidewalk.  I stopped to say hello and she hissed at me.  I said 'ok' and went on with the walk.  For all of about 10 feet.  Then turned around and ran home to get a crate and save her little life.  I knew she was meant to be with me when she was still there when I got back.  Ellie and I have a special connection.  She really is my heart cat.  The cat that you've been through so much with that you share a very special connection.  It can happen more than once. 

Ellie, happy Gotcha Day! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMC!!!! DOGS!!!

I've seen the doggies now.  I was not impressed.  I was so not impressed that I smacked one of them on the nose when he dared to look at me under the bed.  They've even had the audacity of being on the bed with MY MOM!  How dare they!  I was getting tired of being under the bed so I got up on the bed and saw them.  I didn't run though.   I just gracefully got off of the bed.  They were there last too but I wasn't going to leave MY bed and MY mom.  I sat there, on a pillow....glowering. 

The good part of the barkers is they are tormenting the heathens.  Louie has been chased a lot.  haha, paybacks are hell Louie.  Hermie is much better about them.  He seems to think that they are 'ok'.  And Robin...he yells at them.  AND he got on MY bed!  And yelled at them and let Mom know of his displeasure. 

I am not crabby.  Just a touch cranky. 

And tomorrow is important.  I know why.  Mom knows why. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The new heathens arrived last night.  Mom was really excited.  I was so not excited. 

First I was FORCED to meet that nice lady Brenda who brought those horrible heathens to Mom.  She is a nice lady.  She said she was excited to meet me.  I'm really not surprised, I am quite the kitty.  I even let her touch me.  I know, I know....but she is nice.   She watched online while I tamed Mom.  She was quite impressed with my abilities to make Mom kinder and gentler.  Yup, I am da bomb!  

Everyone seems to want to meet me.  I really am quite special you know. 

I haven't seen the new heathens yet but I've smelled them.  I am not pleased.  I did allow Mom to sleep on the bed with me last night though.  And I didn't do anything mean to her. I made she she was nice and safe and slept well. 

I hope that I get to know them and they are nice to me.  I've missed Wraggs.  I know Mom has too.  And now we have barking heathens. 

My life has just turned wild!