Thursday, February 16, 2012

4 Years Ago Today!!!

I rescued Mom.  

I was out minding my own business, hanging out on the street.  A really bad day for me.  I was so scared.  And alone.  Mom walked by with that big dog Wraggs.  She said hi and I hissed.  She went on.  well, crap....then she turned around and told me to stay there, that she would be back.  I knew she wouldn't.  They never com back. 

Imagine my surprise when SHE CAME BACK!  I was finally safe and loved. 

Yeah, I was really sick and little and oh so hungry.  See, I'd been on my own, a mommy to kitty babies.  I was barely out of kitten hood myself.  I don't know what happened to my babies.  I think they all found homes, that is what I like to think at least.

It took a lot of time for Mom and I to trust each other.  I'd never had a human before so this was new to me.  I thought they were all mean.  But not Mom.  She sat on the bathroom floor with me for hours.  Told me her life story (yawn), tried to touch me (smack) and just was there for me.  After 2 months I finally let her hold me in her arms. 

Since then Mom and I have been thru a whole lot together.  We lost Bob, the orange kitty (he was so handsome), Wraggs the big doggie who was wonderful also passed away.  I am not an only kitty of course.  Mom brought home baby kittens (NOT MINE) that I named 'the heathens'.  It fits.  She also rescued a gray and white kitty who has some pee issues (he takes antidepressants to ease the bladder pain).  And.  Just recently she brought in 2 damned barking heathens.  Barking Heathens Blog  I'm not scared of them.  They are little and they seem to know that I am the princess and must be obeyed. 

After 4 years Mom and I are pretty close.  She calls me her heart kitty.  Not sure what that means.  I call her my food plan.  I also really love her.  She takes such good care of me, making sure that nothing bad ever happens to me again. 

If you are really bored, go here my first blog entry  to read about my first meeting with the food lady, that is what I  called her back then.  Now she is Mom, Andi, food lady, protector. 

Ellie has been here 4 years today.  I can't believe it has been 4 years.  I can still remember that cold morning that Wraggs and I went out for a walk.  We were about a mile from the house when I came up on this little kitty on the side of the sidewalk.  I stopped to say hello and she hissed at me.  I said 'ok' and went on with the walk.  For all of about 10 feet.  Then turned around and ran home to get a crate and save her little life.  I knew she was meant to be with me when she was still there when I got back.  Ellie and I have a special connection.  She really is my heart cat.  The cat that you've been through so much with that you share a very special connection.  It can happen more than once. 

Ellie, happy Gotcha Day! 


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Ellie!!! We are glad you waited for your mom to come was well worth it!

  2. I love happy endings. Ellie is such a beautiful kitty. So glad I got to meet her in person!!