Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OMC!!!! DOGS!!!

I've seen the doggies now.  I was not impressed.  I was so not impressed that I smacked one of them on the nose when he dared to look at me under the bed.  They've even had the audacity of being on the bed with MY MOM!  How dare they!  I was getting tired of being under the bed so I got up on the bed and saw them.  I didn't run though.   I just gracefully got off of the bed.  They were there last too but I wasn't going to leave MY bed and MY mom.  I sat there, on a pillow....glowering. 

The good part of the barkers is they are tormenting the heathens.  Louie has been chased a lot.  haha, paybacks are hell Louie.  Hermie is much better about them.  He seems to think that they are 'ok'.  And Robin...he yells at them.  AND he got on MY bed!  And yelled at them and let Mom know of his displeasure. 

I am not crabby.  Just a touch cranky. 

And tomorrow is important.  I know why.  Mom knows why. 

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