Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have to share MY Mom with the barkers.  I am so not pleased.  Not pleased at all. 

She allowed those rats to sleep on MY bed last night!  I glowered at them the entire time.  They snuggled as close as they could to MY MOM!! 

There have been a few confrontations between the heathens and the barkers.  Mom yells at the barkers because she doesn't want them to hurt the heathens.  The Barkers try and corner the heathens.  Thankfully the heathens can get away from them.  I know, I know.....I said thankfully they can get away.  I know it would upset mom if they were hurt.  Mom heard one of the barkers yelp and then she couldn't find him....he was in the bathroom in his little bed.  Seems that someone may have given him a smack in the face. 

Soon, soon I will hurt them.

Mom likes them.  I tolerate them. 

Robin is so not pleased.  Not pleased at all.  Mom keeps telling him that it is ok but he doesn't agree. 

I hope that Robin starts to feel better about the dogs.  They are not going anywhere.  This is their forever home.  I know it takes time....and he will get there. 

I am so surprised at how Ellie has handled this whole thing.  She isn't upset, ok, a little ticked, but if she was really upset she would be hiding under the bed. 

Mom....this is MY blog.   Stop talking about the doggies.  It is all about ME!!!!

Well, I better rest.  Mom is going to need to sleep tonight.  She didn't sleep last night.  Insomnia.  I'll help her get some sleep, I plan on cuddling her all night long. 

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