Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still Sharing DAMMIT!!!

I STILL have to share Mom at night with the stoopid dogs.  They really don't bother me.  They must realize that I really AM  a Princess!  All Hail, PRINCESS ELLIE!!!!

Mom is 'ok'.  She said stuff occurred at work on Wednesday.....and it was not good.  It went to HR.  It was about Mom, something that was done to Mom.  yeah......not good.  No, she is fine.  It was bullying and harassment in the office environment.  It was so bad that Mom's coworkers went to HR about it.  That night Mom was a little upset so I made sure to purr and help her sleep.  I'm really good at that.

Oh man.....Mom with dogs!!!  The white dog is Tina, she was a Chihuahua - Rat Terrier mix and very smart.  She would go to sleep with Mom and once Mom was asleep, go out and be with Mom's parents.  But Tina knew that Mom needed her to sleep.  The other little dog is Tiger.  He was accidentally hit by a broke Mom's brother's heart.  Yeah, my Uncle Tony loves animals and he was horribly upset by Tiger's death.  Now Uncle Tony has 3 kitties (Comet, Baby and Benny) and 1 dog (Jesse). 

Another picture of Mom with a dog.  This doggie is Aggie.  Mom found her wandering around her hometown.  Mom kept seeing her....and one day put her in the car and drove her back home to her house.  Aggie sat on the front porch.  Grandpa didn't want another dog.  He didn't want her to be fed.  But one night, Grandma heard Grandpa in the kitchen....she walked in and asked him what he was doing.  He said 'getting food for that dog'.  Aggie moved in.  She was a very good dog.  She hated car rides (she would shake) so it was figured that she rode in a car when she was dumped off.  She was missing the front of one of her paws (like it was cut off).  And she was very, very smart. 

I'm not sure if these doggies are smart or not...but they must be, they have Mom!!!

I think there was something else I was going to write......but I can't remember!!  I must need to sleep.  The princess needs her sleep.


  1. we love those stories...and we hope things get better for your mom at work - we are glad you are there for her!!

  2. you are a Princess and I'm so glad you are helping your mom sleep, ((( ♥ ))) Medy