Sunday, February 12, 2012


The new heathens arrived last night.  Mom was really excited.  I was so not excited. 

First I was FORCED to meet that nice lady Brenda who brought those horrible heathens to Mom.  She is a nice lady.  She said she was excited to meet me.  I'm really not surprised, I am quite the kitty.  I even let her touch me.  I know, I know....but she is nice.   She watched online while I tamed Mom.  She was quite impressed with my abilities to make Mom kinder and gentler.  Yup, I am da bomb!  

Everyone seems to want to meet me.  I really am quite special you know. 

I haven't seen the new heathens yet but I've smelled them.  I am not pleased.  I did allow Mom to sleep on the bed with me last night though.  And I didn't do anything mean to her. I made she she was nice and safe and slept well. 

I hope that I get to know them and they are nice to me.  I've missed Wraggs.  I know Mom has too.  And now we have barking heathens. 

My life has just turned wild! 

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