Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sigh......the stuff I have to put up with....

Boys.  I have to put up with boys.  5 of them!  Five freaking heathens.  Sigh.

Yes I look smug. I AM smug.  I take after Mom in quite a few ways.  I also don't have time for stupid, just like Mom.  And there is a whole lotta stupid around here.

Louie - stupid.  Doofus.  PAIN IN MY ASS!  Mom has finally left the bedroom door open during the day so I get to see things and leave the room if I feel like it (I don't) and what does doofus do?  Tries to hump me.

Robin -  he keeps coming into MY room where I LIVE DAMMIT!!!  He also keeps meowing at mom.  He needs to learn that the bedroom is mine and mine alone.  I do not share with others.  Exept Mom and the...shudder...dogs

Hoover - A dog.  Don't think I need to say much more.  He doesn't bother me but still, he is a dog

Dyson -  Another damned dog!  And this one has the balls (well, not really anymore) to smell my butt.  MY BUTT!!!  I've nailed him on the head a couple of times for his boldness, not with farts but with my claws of scariness

Hermie - ALSO a boy and also stupid but he sooooooooooooooo handsome!

I've been doing my best to keep mom happy.  She said that they had lots of big wigs in at that place she goes to all week, in the last 2 weeks.  And has anything changed?  Nope.   Will it?  Nope.   Mom did say 'resume, out there' not sure what that is but I think it is good.

Well, I've been awake since 5:30 am (wtf????) and need my rest.  I'm gonna get some nap time in.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm wasting away!!!!

I went to the mean doctor lady today.  It was my annual checkup.  First they weighed me.  How EMBARRASSING.  Out there for everyone to see.  Mom got all excited cause I lost half a pound.  I need to eat more to maintain!

Then we went in the room with the barkers.  Yes, they went with me.  They got their nails trimmed and the vet techs oo'd and aa'd over them.

I had to sit on that cold metal table and have mom snuggle me while I waited for the mean doctor lady.  She came in and listened to my heart (said it is good!  of course it is, of course it is....) and then she looked at my teeth.  OMG, she said I need my teeth cleaned.  This does not sound like fun to me.  Mom isn't excited by the idea.  Mean doctor lady looked at my eyes and said 'what pretty eyes'  Of COURSE MY EYES ARE PRETTY, I AM A PRINCESS!!!  She squished my tummy and then looked at my tummy and said 'allergies'.  Mom suggested my licking my tummy was cause I can't reach my nether regions due to my voluptuous curves.  Mean doctor lady agreed.

Then the worst thing.  She gave me SHOTS.  I am not pleased.  I was good though.  Mom was really pleased with me.  Of course.  I am a PRINCESS DAMMIT, CAN YOU REMEMBER THAT NOW????

Everyone is impressed at how pretty I turned out.  I looked pretty rough when I first went there  Now of course, I am gorgeous

I've almost forgiven Mom for the horror of the day.  Don't tell her though.  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grain Free

Mom got me some grain free food.  She said something about it helping with my plumpness.  I don't know, I think I am pretty good at keeping up my plumpness. 
This is what Mom got me.  It is made in the town where Mom's family lives.  Mom grew up in a town near there and spent much time in the town.  All the ingredients come from the USA and they keep track of where the food comes from and where the end product goes.  I've been eating their 'fat girl' food for a few years.  I like that, I guess I will like this stuff too. 

We are all doing ok.  I haven't killed the dogs so that is good.  Actually I sleep on the bed with them and Mom at night.  They don't bother me, they really must know I am a princess. 

Mom says work is 'ok'.  She is still saving as much money as she can for 'when shit happens'.   She wishes everyone would save.  She sees people she works with buying things all the time, going out to lunch.....they don't seem to understand that shit does happen!

Robin is still not thrilled with the dogs.  He hisses at them all the time and yells at Mom to tell her that he HATES THE DOGGIES. 

And tomorrow, tomorrow, is important.  The lady named Linda is going home to her kitties and husband.  I know that doesn't sound horribly exciting but this IS EXCITING.  Linda got very sick 7 months sick that they didn't think she would live.  Everyone said 'goodbye' to her.  Thankfully she didn't leave.  She fought really hard to come out of the fog.  Tomorrow Linda goes home!  I say, everyone party!!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I love my Mom

Yup, I love her.  I'm sure she loves me...cause you know, I am lovable. 

Mom has had a rough time sleeping lately. I think it is the hormones thing again.  Or the barkers.  Last night was really bad.  She had bad dreams.  I wasn't able to make her feel better fast enough.  Then the barkers did their crap.  Finally Mom fell back to sleep.  But I DIDN'T GET TO CUDDLE HER ALL NIGHT!!!  Dyson took over MY place next to Mom.  I had to sleep on her head instead.  I prefer cuddling her.  I'm going to push that damned Dyson away from Mom tonight, you just watch!

Mom said work is still weird.  She was at the coffee machine this week, getting coffee (duh) when the boss walked up and then turned around.  Another of her coworkers was there..Mom told him that she has the power to make the boss stay away.  He suggested that Mom move to the front of the area to keep boss away from all of them.  It was pretty funny.  Yesterday Mom was on a call with some folks out in Seattle where her client is located.  She got an instant message from her coworker who was there and it said 'they really like you'.  Seems that they do.  Not that it will help but it did make Mom feel good about herself for a little bit. 

Time for old pictures again.  Mom with Uncle Tony and Uncle Robin and the kitty is Orange Apple.  Yup, Mom named him. 

Not Mom.  The little doggie is Dino (he was probably a month old or so here) and the big doggie is Tracy.  And the doggie hiding under the table is Aggie.  The guy sitting there is Grandpa Herman.  I think Mom comes from a long line of animal lovers. 

Not real wordy tonight.  Mom says she is hungry and wants to make dinner.  Will I get any of it?  Nope.  sigh.  oh well, I will keep my plumpness up with luscious kibble......

I need to rest, so I can cuddle mom all night