Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grain Free

Mom got me some grain free food.  She said something about it helping with my plumpness.  I don't know, I think I am pretty good at keeping up my plumpness. 
This is what Mom got me.  It is made in the town where Mom's family lives.  Mom grew up in a town near there and spent much time in the town.  All the ingredients come from the USA and they keep track of where the food comes from and where the end product goes.  I've been eating their 'fat girl' food for a few years.  I like that, I guess I will like this stuff too. 

We are all doing ok.  I haven't killed the dogs so that is good.  Actually I sleep on the bed with them and Mom at night.  They don't bother me, they really must know I am a princess. 

Mom says work is 'ok'.  She is still saving as much money as she can for 'when shit happens'.   She wishes everyone would save.  She sees people she works with buying things all the time, going out to lunch.....they don't seem to understand that shit does happen!

Robin is still not thrilled with the dogs.  He hisses at them all the time and yells at Mom to tell her that he HATES THE DOGGIES. 

And tomorrow, tomorrow, is important.  The lady named Linda is going home to her kitties and husband.  I know that doesn't sound horribly exciting but this IS EXCITING.  Linda got very sick 7 months sick that they didn't think she would live.  Everyone said 'goodbye' to her.  Thankfully she didn't leave.  She fought really hard to come out of the fog.  Tomorrow Linda goes home!  I say, everyone party!!!!!

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