Saturday, March 3, 2012

I love my Mom

Yup, I love her.  I'm sure she loves me...cause you know, I am lovable. 

Mom has had a rough time sleeping lately. I think it is the hormones thing again.  Or the barkers.  Last night was really bad.  She had bad dreams.  I wasn't able to make her feel better fast enough.  Then the barkers did their crap.  Finally Mom fell back to sleep.  But I DIDN'T GET TO CUDDLE HER ALL NIGHT!!!  Dyson took over MY place next to Mom.  I had to sleep on her head instead.  I prefer cuddling her.  I'm going to push that damned Dyson away from Mom tonight, you just watch!

Mom said work is still weird.  She was at the coffee machine this week, getting coffee (duh) when the boss walked up and then turned around.  Another of her coworkers was there..Mom told him that she has the power to make the boss stay away.  He suggested that Mom move to the front of the area to keep boss away from all of them.  It was pretty funny.  Yesterday Mom was on a call with some folks out in Seattle where her client is located.  She got an instant message from her coworker who was there and it said 'they really like you'.  Seems that they do.  Not that it will help but it did make Mom feel good about herself for a little bit. 

Time for old pictures again.  Mom with Uncle Tony and Uncle Robin and the kitty is Orange Apple.  Yup, Mom named him. 

Not Mom.  The little doggie is Dino (he was probably a month old or so here) and the big doggie is Tracy.  And the doggie hiding under the table is Aggie.  The guy sitting there is Grandpa Herman.  I think Mom comes from a long line of animal lovers. 

Not real wordy tonight.  Mom says she is hungry and wants to make dinner.  Will I get any of it?  Nope.  sigh.  oh well, I will keep my plumpness up with luscious kibble......

I need to rest, so I can cuddle mom all night  

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  1. Ellie, I'll tell you a little secret, and this is just between you and me, stick out one of your claws and pop Dysons nose, just a little, bet he'll move over and let you regain your rightful spot to cuddle mom. Sweet dreams to mom and you,