Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm wasting away!!!!

I went to the mean doctor lady today.  It was my annual checkup.  First they weighed me.  How EMBARRASSING.  Out there for everyone to see.  Mom got all excited cause I lost half a pound.  I need to eat more to maintain!

Then we went in the room with the barkers.  Yes, they went with me.  They got their nails trimmed and the vet techs oo'd and aa'd over them.

I had to sit on that cold metal table and have mom snuggle me while I waited for the mean doctor lady.  She came in and listened to my heart (said it is good!  of course it is, of course it is....) and then she looked at my teeth.  OMG, she said I need my teeth cleaned.  This does not sound like fun to me.  Mom isn't excited by the idea.  Mean doctor lady looked at my eyes and said 'what pretty eyes'  Of COURSE MY EYES ARE PRETTY, I AM A PRINCESS!!!  She squished my tummy and then looked at my tummy and said 'allergies'.  Mom suggested my licking my tummy was cause I can't reach my nether regions due to my voluptuous curves.  Mean doctor lady agreed.

Then the worst thing.  She gave me SHOTS.  I am not pleased.  I was good though.  Mom was really pleased with me.  Of course.  I am a PRINCESS DAMMIT, CAN YOU REMEMBER THAT NOW????

Everyone is impressed at how pretty I turned out.  I looked pretty rough when I first went there  Now of course, I am gorgeous

I've almost forgiven Mom for the horror of the day.  Don't tell her though.  

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  1. we hope you held out for lots of treats..... and glad you got a good report card!!