Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've been exploring

Mom has decided that I need to leave the bedroom more. So I've been trying really hard.  It is scary to do, what with heathens and doggies in the house but I am doing it. 
I've been coming out while Mom eats dinner.  It is safe.  And if I am lucky, Mom will give me a sample of what she is having for dinner. 

So, last night Mom thought it would be a good idea to let the heathens be out of the heathen room at bedtime.  Guess how long it lasted.  No, guess.  Who said 30 minutes?  You won!!!  

Mom was exhausted last night and the boys would not settle down.  So at 10:30 she had it and grabbed Louie and put him in the room.  Hermie thinks it is a good idea to tick Mom off.  Mom said a few dirty words at him and used the squirt bottle on him.  Finally she got them put in the heathen room and she could get some sleep. 

Only to have it interrupted by thunder in the middle of the night.  sigh.  It woke up the barkers.  Dyson does not like thunder.  He barked and growled at the thunder.  Mom calmed him down and got some sleep, finally. 

We are all doing pretty well here.  Me especially. 

You know, besides coming out while Mom is eating dinner, I've come out of the bedroom at other times.  I walked out onto the patio with the heathens one morning last week.  Mom was SHOCKED.  I was too!  Then I saw the other kitties and ran in the house hissing with Louie right on my beautful butt.  Mom told him to behave.  like that will EVER happen. 

Mom is doing ok.  She says that work thing is ok but it is still tenuous.  We save all sorts of money.  Mom does at least.  Of course us kitties and doggies have no worries.  Mom is making sure that we have good stuff.  I need more stuff though.  sigh.  I'm still on that diet, dammit.  I tell you, a girl needs curves!

Well, I need to rest.  We are going to have to weather tonight they say.  Hope so.  We need rain!!!!

Toodles my fans!