Saturday, May 26, 2012


I ate one this morning!  I chased it and ate it!  It was AWESOME!!!!  It made Mom laugh too.  She saw me chasing the little bug and then I ate it.  Was tasty too!

Mom keeps saying something about a ball this week.  I hope I get to wear something pretty and a cute boy asks me to dance!  What?  Not that kind of ball?  WHAT KIND OF BALL??? yewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Boys are weird for sure!

I am sorry he has to lose his balls but we need him to not spay things in the house.  Like Mom.  Yeah, he sprayed Mom. 

I've been getting out of the bedroom more and more.  I haven't done that in ages.  Not since Wraggs died.  I guess I haven't felt it was right.  But now that Stinko is in the house, I think the balance has been thrown off and I get my house back!  I've gone into the kitchen in the morning to see what Mom is doing.  I've come out at night to see what Mom is making in the kitchen.  It might be bugs!

Mom is taking some days off next week.  She has to go to work on Tuesday cause the other woman has the day off but Mom is taking off the rest of the week. 

No pictures today, I didn't want to have my photo taken. 

Now I am going to go and nap.  Mom might be doing something exciting later that I need to check out. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Not Soooooooo Bad......

The new kitty isn't so bad.  He still has his balls....for 11 more days and then SNIP SNIP SNIP!

Mom says it is a good thing, he is doing some spraying, not that he needs to.  After he goes in for the snip, mom will wash down where he has marked.  He seems to have stopped it now.  He is settling in to the routine of the house.

Hard to believe that there are 5 cats and 2 dogs and a mom in this house.  Don't tell anyone but Mom is nuts.  We love her but she is nuts.

He thinks he is sexy.  He is a baby!

Shocking isn't it.  I allowed him near me.

See the mark in his nose?  Mom thinks he has some altercations when he was out on his own.

I just can't believe I allowed him next to me!

And Mom lets him sleep with us at night even.  He is really good about it.  The first night Mom had a rough time sleeping (stress from job and then Cinco wanted to be really talkative).  But after that night he has gotten better.  He does want to talk to Mom when she moves in the middle of the night.  And Hoover is scared of the new guy.  He doesn't need to be, but he is.

Well, I need to pretty myself up for the new little guy.  I want him to think I am pretty.  He better, or I will hurt him!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am outnumbered by BOYS! 

Another kitty found Mom and she let him come in the house.

On Tuesday night the barkers did what they do best, barked.  At 9:30 at night, I WAS SLEEPING!!  Mom went in to see what they were barking at and to tell them to shut the F up!  She told them there was nothing outside.  And then she saw it.  The kitty.  He was looking at Mom.  She told him to stop looking.  Mom sat on the couch and said "I am not looking, not looking, not looking".  Then she got up and fixed a bowl of kibble and took it out to him.  The little stinker purred really loud for Mom and let her touch him.  Mom came back in the house and went to bed....thinking of the little guy.

The next morning Mom looked out the front door, no kitty.  GOOD!  So she got the dogs ready for their walk and opened the door.  The kitty was there and dashed off.  So, dogs got locked up with me (of all things) and mom went out the door and called 'kitty kitty kitty', he came running.  So Mom picked him up and put him in the intake room, the guest bathroom.  I lived there for 2 months when I came here, it is a good, safe place.  Mom must have known what she was going to do....cause the room was all ready for the kitty. 

So, she went to work, asked Boss if she could leave early to take a cat to the vet.  He said fine.  Of course she couldn't get him to the vet.  So she made an appointment for Friday afternoon.  We had 2 days were we couldn't touch him or smell him and Mom couldn't cuddle him.  This is cause he might have had a disease:  feline leukemia or FIV. 

So, Friday afternoon Mom left work early (which was fine with Boss but someone else had a fit.  Oh well, not Mom's problem.  Mom took him to the vet.  Mom was on pins and needles.  She was when she took me in when she found me.  Must be something about the vet that scares her. 

They did the blood test.  HE PASSED!!!!  Mom picked him up and cuddled him and said 'your name is Cinco'.  The vet, which was the replacement vet, as the normal mean doctor lady went on vacation, said he is gorgeous (hahahahaha), over 6 months old since he has his adult teeth and he needs his balls removed.  Well, duh.

So, there are now 4 freaking heathen kitties here and two heathen doggies.  sigh

Mom says he is a very sweet kitty.  And he is getting along really well with everyone.  I'm not HORRIBLY upset.  He is orange.  I love orange. 

Louie is pretty cool with the new guy

Dyson is really excited by the new kitty. 

Hoover is worried....Mom thinks he is worried that she will get rid of him now that there is a new one in the house.  He had a rough life before...that must have happened.  No way in heck would Mom let anyone go.

Robin has voiced his opinion. MEEEEEOWWWWWWWWW  He isn't thrilled but not aggressive.   Mom thinks maybe he is also worried about his place in the house. 

Hermie hissed a few times at the new guy but nothing major occurred. 

So, I am outnumbered.  But the new one is orange.  I do have a soft spot for orange kitties

Wish me luck with the new one.  Mom thinks he will actually sleep with us once he is neutered.  I might allow it.  He is orange.