Saturday, May 26, 2012


I ate one this morning!  I chased it and ate it!  It was AWESOME!!!!  It made Mom laugh too.  She saw me chasing the little bug and then I ate it.  Was tasty too!

Mom keeps saying something about a ball this week.  I hope I get to wear something pretty and a cute boy asks me to dance!  What?  Not that kind of ball?  WHAT KIND OF BALL??? yewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Boys are weird for sure!

I am sorry he has to lose his balls but we need him to not spay things in the house.  Like Mom.  Yeah, he sprayed Mom. 

I've been getting out of the bedroom more and more.  I haven't done that in ages.  Not since Wraggs died.  I guess I haven't felt it was right.  But now that Stinko is in the house, I think the balance has been thrown off and I get my house back!  I've gone into the kitchen in the morning to see what Mom is doing.  I've come out at night to see what Mom is making in the kitchen.  It might be bugs!

Mom is taking some days off next week.  She has to go to work on Tuesday cause the other woman has the day off but Mom is taking off the rest of the week. 

No pictures today, I didn't want to have my photo taken. 

Now I am going to go and nap.  Mom might be doing something exciting later that I need to check out. 

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