Sunday, June 24, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs!

We have a tropical storm in the gulf that is dropping a lot of rain in the Tampa area where we live.  Lots of rain.  LOTS of rain.  And right now the wind is moving our big Canadian maple tree around in the backyard.  We are not even a month into hurricane season.

We are doing pretty well here.  Mom still has a job (I KNOW, I am shocked too!)  And as of next week, she will have 5 full quarters of full time employment which means she is again eligible for unemployment. 

I've been coming out of the bedroom more and more lately.  It is shocking the crap out of Mom.  I am moving more, which helps with my weight loss.  I'm going to be svelte!

Mom is doing pretty good with her weight loss too.  She got on the scale and saw a number, a GOOD number, that she hasn't see in at least 5 years!  Mom has lost 13 pounds since  Christmas.  Pretty darned good, huh! 

Out of the depths......comes.....the orange and white boy!

Yup, I am a cougar.  I don't want to kill him.  It must be love.

I am going to rest.  The storm and weather system is really bugging me.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

wow wow wow!!!!

It is the afternoon and I am out of the bedroom....I'm out and about with Mom.  She needs me around.  So we are watching an old movie, 'Courtship of Eddie's Father'.  A very sweet old movie.  Mom is into those things.  Personally I want to watch science fiction, preferably something where they dissect boy cats.  Yes, yes, that sounds good to me. 

don't tell, but I am PURRING while looking at Mom.  sssshhhhhh, don't tell. 

See, aren't I pretty?  I am, I am very pretty and I will fight any boy kitty who dares to say I am not pretty.

Things are OK for Mom right now.  She still worries and saves.  She wants to get a new television but it is scary for her get a new one.  Just damned scary. 

I'm getting a log with the new boy.  He chases me some but not mean like, he just wants to chase.  I guess it is part of my weight loss plan.   And Mom lets him sleep with us.  Can you believe that?????  I know, I am shocked. 
yeah, he thinks he is cool shit.  At least the hair has grown back on his nose.  He scraped that off when he tried to get out of the office the night before his neuter. 

OH MY!!!! ALL THE HEATHENS!!!!  Be still my heart.  Who will I hurt first?  Louie of course,then Robin, Hermie and I'll save the best for last, Cinco. 

No, no, no need to give them the chair.  I want to do it Mom.  PLEEEEEEESE!!!!

I am going to continue to watch the movie and then help mom make the bed and finish making dinner.  She is having soup for dinner.   Just like her Mom used to make.  Only better. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mom is still home with us!!!

It is awesome.  Mom has been home with us the last 3 days.  She took vacation days.  I've heard her say things like "I want to stay home with you all the time"   we want that too!  Even if it meant the 'thing' happens.  She says she would be OK too.

The boy had his balls removed on Wednesday.  It looked really awful that first night.  Now, 2 days later, it still looks scary but not like it did! 

Dyson wanted to let the little guy know that he felt his pain.  Yes, that is a baby gate.  Actually it is a pet gate that Mom got when I joined the house.  She wanted me to feel safe but see Bob and Wraggs.  It worked really well. 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Louie.  blech!

oooo, looks like Robin is gonna smack that Dyson thing!

sigh....he is so handsome!  My Hermie wormie!

Oh Cinco, bet you didn't know the indignities that would occur when you came in this house.  Hats that you have to wear, toys on your head.....and your balls went bye bye.

And then Mom puts bunnies with you when you sleep.  And puts it on the interwebs for the whole dang world to see!!!!  Oh no!!!  Everyone will think you are cute!

I'm really sure this isn't where bacon comes from.......doesn't smell like it.  Smells like BARKERS!!!!

I better rest now.  It is gonna be a long day. I am going to leave the bedroom again this afternoon and evening.