Sunday, June 24, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs!

We have a tropical storm in the gulf that is dropping a lot of rain in the Tampa area where we live.  Lots of rain.  LOTS of rain.  And right now the wind is moving our big Canadian maple tree around in the backyard.  We are not even a month into hurricane season.

We are doing pretty well here.  Mom still has a job (I KNOW, I am shocked too!)  And as of next week, she will have 5 full quarters of full time employment which means she is again eligible for unemployment. 

I've been coming out of the bedroom more and more lately.  It is shocking the crap out of Mom.  I am moving more, which helps with my weight loss.  I'm going to be svelte!

Mom is doing pretty good with her weight loss too.  She got on the scale and saw a number, a GOOD number, that she hasn't see in at least 5 years!  Mom has lost 13 pounds since  Christmas.  Pretty darned good, huh! 

Out of the depths......comes.....the orange and white boy!

Yup, I am a cougar.  I don't want to kill him.  It must be love.

I am going to rest.  The storm and weather system is really bugging me.  

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  1. you're canadian maple will survive a lot of strong winds, not to worry,now, 'bout those 13 pounds, there not lost! my but found them and they don't want to leave,