Sunday, July 29, 2012

My 'Sweet' Interlude with Dyson

Stuff happens.  Did you know that? 

One of my barker brothers got hurt last week.  It scared Mom.  And it scared Hoover.  He is feeling better but Mom is babying him.  I'm glad he is ok...Mom would have been horribly upset if things had turned out bad.  It was just damned scary for all concerned.  I know, I am shocked that I was worried.

Then Mom's work is changing.  Mom will be doing something different there.  She said 'it goes on the resume'.   I have no idea what that is but Mom says you need it to get money.  I thought we just went to the bank to get moneys. 

This is Dyson and Me.......Yes, I am on the couch with the little bastardo. 

I tried to smother him.  Mom wouldn't let me.  She said 'I like him Ellie, be nice'.  sigh.  I never get to smother them

Oh no.......

Someone looks guilty and it isn't me!  (this picture made Mom laugh, good to hear her laugh)

No, I did not kill him.  Mom just won't let me.  I don't get it.  It is like she likes them or something.  I don't see it.  oh well....makes Mom happy.

Now I need to nap.  I get chased all night by Cinco A couple of times Ellie, it is exercise, you need it.  Yeah mom, well you do too!!!  so there!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mom got an ouchie!

She just had her little toe go under a door and rip her nail up.  There was blood.  And Mom couldn't get a word out cause it hurt.  She cleaned it all up and put a bandaid on it and said 'this is gonna hurt tomorrow for sure'.  That blows her chance to work out.  Putting on shoes would be very painful.

Things are good here.  Except for yesterday.
Yes, Mom tortured me yesterday.  It was HORRIBLE.  I forgave her of course but it was really awful.  I was OUTSIDE, in the daylight and the other kitties saw me.  The dogs too! 

We are all doing good here.

Mom is thinking about the work thing.  The company she works for was purchased by her old company.  The old company layed her off in 2007.  Mom isn't sure they would want her back there.  or if she would want to be back there.  She has time to think about it and get prepared for another job.  It does scare the kids at the office.  They are all freaked out.  Mom's been down this road 2 times before.  She has worked for other companies that were purchased and knows how things go. 

And of course us kids are doing our best to make sure she is OK.  

Cinco helping Mom's brain stay in. 

He sure is a pistol, that Cinco.  He chases everyone.  EVERYONE well, except Robin cause Robin scares the crap out of him. 

So we are not sure what will happen in the next 7 months or so.  Mom got a book to read and learn SQL.  That will help her get smart.  Cause you know, she isn't very smart. 

Well, I better rest....I am going to be busy all night, sitting on Mom's little toe.  hehe

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Odds and more odds

So we had that firework crap again this year.  It scared the dogs.  I am sure they were outside last year and bad things happened to them.  Mom made sure they were safe and felt ok. 
oh they look silly but it made the feel better.  Mom put the little shirts on them last night too, cause idiots were shooting off more fireworks around here.   Hopefully they don't have to wear them tonight or again, till new years eve. 

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Louie....grrrrrrrr

awwww, look at my sweet little baboo, he has a ballie....since he lost his.

yes, he can touch his nose with his tongue!

it was tongue day here.  yes, orange fur on Cinco's tongue....from the orange ballie that he was trying to skin.

Wow, I had no idea that Robin was so good looking.  He is no Cinco but he is handsome.  But I like 'em young and orange.

Mom said I am NOT allowed to talk about her personal life.   I know some want to know but she said I am not allowed to speak about the guy.  who is tall and good looking.  If you like humans.  Crap!!!!!  mom, it was Cinco, he wrote that!  it wasn't me.................


I think I am in time out now.  I'll write sometime when I am out of lockup. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Working out!

Wow, the year is half over!  

On a sad note, 3 years ago Bob left us for the rainbow bridge.  It seems like yesterday that Bob and I were best friends.  And then he was gone.  Mom still misses him and I miss him every day. 

But now I have even more boys to keep in line.  And I am trying my damnedest to do just that!

I'm really kind of liking that new boy Stinko.  Wait, that isn't his name?  But I've heard Mom call him that!  Doesn't matter, I am going to call him Stinko. 

It is really hot here now.  It is July in Florida so it gets really hot here.  Not 110 degrees like other places but we are it the 90's and it is humid.  Of course I am in the house where it is air conditioned.  Mom tells me that if the electricical goes out then the air thingamabob won't work.  DAMN!  She said that when we had hurricanes in 2004 that there was no electricical for days and it was HOT and humid and she had to open windows and sleep with windows open.  If that happens now, it will be interesting.  Back then Wraggs slept under the window so Mom was safe.  Now.....I'm sure the barkers would be fierce little bastards and then hide behind Mom. 

Today Stinko was being silly. 


Stinko wanted in the box but couldn't find a way in.

Looks like he gave up. 

Oh, he is trying!!!!

Where is he going?


Silly boy, I think he is so darned cute!

Here I am, being all cute and sexy like.  Do you think Stinko will want me?  I mean, I am older than he is.

I need to work out to be hot for him!!!!!  I'll do this!  Mom said she is going to do the elliptical, for the same reason.  She wants Stinko to want her too! 

OK, I must rest now after that workout.  Whew.