Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mom got an ouchie!

She just had her little toe go under a door and rip her nail up.  There was blood.  And Mom couldn't get a word out cause it hurt.  She cleaned it all up and put a bandaid on it and said 'this is gonna hurt tomorrow for sure'.  That blows her chance to work out.  Putting on shoes would be very painful.

Things are good here.  Except for yesterday.
Yes, Mom tortured me yesterday.  It was HORRIBLE.  I forgave her of course but it was really awful.  I was OUTSIDE, in the daylight and the other kitties saw me.  The dogs too! 

We are all doing good here.

Mom is thinking about the work thing.  The company she works for was purchased by her old company.  The old company layed her off in 2007.  Mom isn't sure they would want her back there.  or if she would want to be back there.  She has time to think about it and get prepared for another job.  It does scare the kids at the office.  They are all freaked out.  Mom's been down this road 2 times before.  She has worked for other companies that were purchased and knows how things go. 

And of course us kids are doing our best to make sure she is OK.  

Cinco helping Mom's brain stay in. 

He sure is a pistol, that Cinco.  He chases everyone.  EVERYONE well, except Robin cause Robin scares the crap out of him. 

So we are not sure what will happen in the next 7 months or so.  Mom got a book to read and learn SQL.  That will help her get smart.  Cause you know, she isn't very smart. 

Well, I better rest....I am going to be busy all night, sitting on Mom's little toe.  hehe

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