Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hellooooooooo, dis is Cinco!

Momm sed I cud rite in bloog tosday.

I be gud kitty.  I gets gud fuds.  I gots fiends. 
Dis my beestest fiend, Diesoon  we plays all da times.

STOP!!!!  This IS my blog you little dipsh**


I cannot freaking believe that Mom let one of THOSE THINGS write in my perfect Princess blog.

So what will I do to little Stinko to make him pay for this.  I can't take his balls, mean doctor lady got those. 

I'll have to think on this.......

I back, Ellllleeee is tinking.  She a girl, not smat lik me.  I a boy, I smat!  Mommm smat, she lubs me.  Dat smat.

Sooos dis week been funs.  Diesoon was notty and did stuffs, tok stuffs frum bigs chair.  Momm not mad at him, she laff and take picktures.  Momm gud to us furris  we tri to luvs her lots.  I purrs ats her in midle of nite to mak shur she noes I luvs hers.  I trid to brings her lizzzzerd yest..yeast.....be4s butts she takes lizzzzzerd aways frum us boys and takes lizzzzerd outsides.  Was gud pressent for Momm


OK I've had just about enough of the little drip shi*   He is making me SWEAR DAMMIT!!! This is my blog, I get to say nice things about Mom and put the heathens down.

I swear (and I do often), the barkers and heathens are just horrible!!!   Ok, maybe not my sweet Hermie.  And Cinco isn't too bad as long as he keeps his paws off my blog.  And Robin is ok...but don't get on MY BED, I'll make sure you know to respect my space.  Louie....well, he is a pain but Mom seems to like him a bit.   And the was so worried about Hoover and that must mean something.  And mom didn't kill Dyson, he must be ok too.  OK OK OK...they aren't TOTALLY horrible.  Just a little horrible.

Now I must rest......there better not be anyone else writing in my blog!

psssssssss (no I did not just pottie)  I back, dod u mis me????  Jus a kwik nut to says I luvs Ellllleee and Mommmm

I gos noww  befurs Ellllleee findsses me! 

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  1. Cinco: is that the 'ride-on-rug' that Dyson pulls you around on?
    ♥ SnEzy