Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!!

Mom said that today is Labor Day.  I am not sure what 'labor' is as I've never done any other than when I had my babies (RIP little ones wherever you are).  Now I am a kitty of leisure. 

I rest most of the day.  I do come out and see Mom when she eats dinner.  And I wander the house with the bad heathens have been put in their room at bedtime.  Yes, there are bad heathens and good heathens

An example of a bad heathen:  Louie

Another example of a bad heathen, Robin.  He isn't THAT bad but still...heathen

This is an example of a good heathen but Mom still puts him in the heathen room at night.  Cause Hermie would be up on things, knocking stuff off.  And Mom wants to sleep

This one is a heathen too but he is allowed to sleep with us at night.  Mom says he is a good kitty.  He will trill in the middle of the night to get Mom to tell him to get up and snuggle.  WAIT, I am the only one allowed to snuggle Mom.  Cinco will come up on the bed and put himself between me and Mom and purr and purr and purr.  Mom likes that.  I try to out do him with the purrs.  We get quite the purrfest going at times.

Love and kisses everyone!!!!

I'm off to nap.  And dream of sweet heathens. 

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  1. As usual, great to see you and the heathens. ♥ Medy