Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hermie Has a Horrible Horror!

OK, I am NOT pleased.  I have to let HERMIE talk today.  grrrrr

oh and Mom has an earache.  ouchie!!!  She says if she has it tomorrow morning she will call the her mean doctor lady.....

I saw the mean doctor lady too this week.  I was not pleased.

I got weighed, 12.4 pounds, so I am good!  I lost a pound!!!!!

Hey, what are you doing back there?  What is that thing?  THAT is not supposed to go there!
Hi mean doctor lady!!!  How you doin'?

Are we done now????  I can go home???  WHAT????

This is not going to be good, don't touch me!

Oh, a tummy rub!  Mean doctor lady said I have a great looking tummy, gorgeous fur.  Yes, I do, yes, yes, I do. 

I also got a shot but I didn't get upset about that.

My toenails got trimmed too. 

It wasn't such a bad day.  Really.


Whew, are all the heathens done now?  No?  Robin still?  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  will it NEVER end?????

I need to rest some more.  The horror of the heathens continues and it just wears me out. 

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