Saturday, September 8, 2012


Well I finally get MY blog back.  It is about freaking damned time.

I really enjoyed to have Mom home for the last 2 weeks.  I know she isn't that thrilled to go back to work on Monday.  She knows it will be hellish. 

So while Mom has been home she has gotten a bit bored.

Mom decided she needed a new facebook picture so she brought out the live props:  Cinco and Dyson.  Yes, Cinco has his paw down Mom's top. 

Louie was not happy to have his photo take.  Don't blame him, he is a doofus!

Yes, yes, I have in a bridal veil.  I am not sure which one of the idiots I am marrying but I am sure I will be a widow shortly there after!

Ellie, be nice.....they are doofuses but they are our doofuses!

OK, I will be nice but I will NOT marry one of them.  Wait, maybe Cinco.  Or Hermie.  Am I allowed to marry BOTH of them?  Yes!!!!!!  That works for me!

Finally I will be allowed to go back to my nap. 

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