Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Louie Visits da Mean Doctor Lady

Mom said I have to give the blog over to the heathens today.  NOT FAIR!!!  THIS IS MY BLOG!!!  I'M GONNA GO AND POUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there, Louis here.  You may know me better as Louie Patootie. 

Today I went to see the mean doctor lady.  I thought it was going to be HORRIBLE.  I yodeled all the way to the mean doctor office. 

Mom did something different today when we went.  She brought her camera to document the horrors that occur!

Mean vet techs.  I left the carrier voluntarily.  I wanted to see what was in this place.

They weighed me. I was sure I was fat.  Nope.  14.1 pounds.  I lost 0.1 pounds!  They said I am BIG.  Yes I am, I have a big beautiful body

Then they put this thing up my ass and looked like they were enjoying it!!!  I didn't even get upset. 

Then they trimmed by nails.  I got tired of this behavior and squirmed.

They tried to put me back in the crate until mean doctor lady came in but I had other ideas.

Hermie was still in his crate so I explored
mean doctor lady came and looked at my fangage

She listened to my heart and I looked into her eyes, she said I have a good heart.  Yup, I do!
Then she rubbed my tummy.  I think I'm in love!  Mean doctor lady said I have a great tummy!!!!

I wonder what will happen next!

crap!  I got a shot!  It was all a ruse! 

So I had my trip to the vet, she said I look good.  I have a big frame.  I'm not fat and I look good. 

That was my wonderful trip to the mean doctor lady.  I think Hermie will talk about his trip tomorrow.  If Ellie lets him.  She got really fussy that I took over today. 


I'm glad that Louie is healthy, Mom was worried she was going to hear 'he needs to lose weight'.  And if it makes Mom happy, I'm happy.  Even if it is a heathen that makes her happy. 

Well, I need to rest, this has been a traumatic day for me. 

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