Thursday, September 6, 2012

Robin's Horrible Adventure at Mean Doctor Lady

Well, CRAP.  Another heathen gets to take over my blog today.  When will this horror end?

Ellie, let Robin have his say, he is a good boy and it is not all about you!

It is so all about me!!!! 


Hi there, my name is Robin and I am a heathen but not full fledged.  I am one of the good ones.  I've never bothered Ellie.  In fact, I tend to fight all the other boys.  I don't like them as much as Ellie doesn't like them!

I went to see Dr Morgan yesterday.  I don't call her the mean doctor lady cause she really isn't mean.
I didn't want to come out of the crate.  I know some not so nice things happen here

They weighed me.  I hope I gained some weight, it worried Mom last year when the doctor said I needed to gain.  YES!!!  I weigh 12 pounds.  Last year I weighed 9 pounds. 

Well, this is RUDE!!!!

HEY, YOU DONE THERE YET????  I'm really sure that should NOT go in there.

I got to walk around a bit, see what was in the room. 

Cannot believe that the barkers came with on MY appointment.  They heard that they have to go on a DIEt!!!  hahahahaha

The doctor said I have gorgeous eyes.  I do! 

The doctor lady was pleased with me.  I passed with flying colors.  I still will take my antidepressant.  It makes me feel better and makes it easier for me to pee.

Oh, I was in the bedroom with Mom earlier this week and was in one of the litter boxes.  Not a high topped covered box..just a regular box.  Mom was watching make sure I did not lift my butt and pee on the wall.  Nope, I was good and pee'd in the box! 

Well, I am done with the vet for another year!  It wasn't soooo horrible.  But now I NEED TO REST!

Are they all done now Mom?  Can I have my blog back now?  Hey, what is he doing here????

Mom had to save a lizard from Cinco this morning.  Cinco was NOT going to give it to mom without a fight.  He was growling and not dropping the lizard.  Mom finally got the lizard away and took it outside.  Yes, it was alive but had some wounds as there was blood on the towel.  At least Mom saved it from Stinko.

Now I must rest.  All this interloping in my blog has worn me out!

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