Sunday, November 4, 2012

Been Busy

Sorry I've been missing for over a month.  Mom has been busy and I can't post unless she helps me.  I can't reach the pedal on the laptop to make it go VRROOOOOOM!!!

Things are better here.  We've had some sick dogs and cats. 

Hoover hurted his back so he is on lockdown when Mom isn't home.  He has to be in the crate.  He cannot go for long walks and no jumping.  He also has to take pills.  But he is feeling better now. 

Then Louie got sick.  He was having a hard time peeing and when he did it was bloody.  He got a major antibiotic to take and was a major pain to try and pill.  Mom had to SIT ON HIM to get the pill in him, if she could catch him.  He went back to the formerly mean but now nice doctor lady on Friday.  He still has a little blood but now they could see the crystals in the he will be on special food and all of us will be once Mom gets it fully integrated into the dry food regimen. 

Louie on the way to the doctor lady. 

And Mom went away for 3 whole days last week.  We were all scared that she wasn't coming back.  I was brave even.  The pet sitter got to see me and pet me and then I freaked and ran under the bed.  The sitter told Mom she was able to pet me and my eyes got REAL big......and I ran under the bed.  But she got to see me which is more than most folks ever get. 

Blech, boys and boy doggies at that!!!!

Other than that stuff, we are all doing good.  Mom is good, the doggies are good.  The kitties are good.  Tiger, who is visiting, is good.  GOOD GOOD GOOD!

Mom said she has some pictures to take.  I don't know what it means but I'm scared. 

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