Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankfulness is our annual 'what are we thankful for' post.  I have to, again this year, let the others have their say......sigh.  sucks.  But it has to here goes


- I am thankful for makes it feel better to pee.  I am NOT thankful that Mom has to shove a pill down my throat every morning.  I sort of let her do it without scratching her TOO much.  I'm thankful for my brothers and gorgeous Ellie.  I'm even thankful for Mom.....

Hermie - 
What am I thankful for???? I'm so glad to have Mom.  She even took me to the mean doctor lady cause she thought I was losing weight, well, I was.  I'm thankful I am not sick.  I'm thankful for kibbles, gooshy foods and snacks!!! 

Robin -

I'm thankful to still have a good home.  A Mom who loves me even though I am quirky.  My brothers, Hermie and Louie (the doofus) and not so thankful for Cinco.  Overall, I am am just happy to have a good home

Cinco -
Hi hi hi hi!!!  I am so happy to have a home, very thankful that the nice lady called 'Mom' took me in and made sure I was safe and have food and warm place to sleep.  I'm thankful I get to snuggle Mom at night and sleep with her and Ellie.  It is the BESTEST ever, way better than chasing after lizards and trying to survive on my own.

Hoover -
What am I thankful for?  Miss Brenda and her friends.  They rescued me and my kid from the streets of Savannah.  Miss Brenda brought us to Mom where we now have the best life ever.  Mom is the best!  I even like the mean doctor lady, she gave me pills that made my back feel better. 

Dyson -
Is it my turn?????  Really??? for REAL????  OK, I am happy that Mom didn't get rid of me after the ink incident.  Or the Birkenstock debacle.  Or the sofa stuffing broohahha.  I'd talk about the others...but there are too many to talk about!!!  I'm so happy to have a safe home, mom loves me and the other furkids.  I snuggle with her every night.  and she doesn't get too pissed when I bite her in the middle of the night...and leave bruises. 

Ellie -
Well FINALLY, they all shut up.  I'm still thankful and happy to live with Andi/Mom.  This is the best place ever.  Five years ago I was on the street, going to be a kitty mama soon and no idea how to do it.  I was on my own.  No one loved me.  Now?  I am loved.  Not just by Mom but her friends too. The ones who have met in in real life and the ones who only know me from the Internet. I'm even glad for the DOGS and HEATHENS.  Even glad to have Cinco here.  Everyone makes Mom smile and I want her to smile. 

Thank you all for reading Ellie's blog.  I have many things to be thankful for too.  My friends and loved know who you are.  I'm thankful for the furkids.  I'm just thankful

So now that EVERYONE had their say and me too, I guess I am done for tonight.  Have a wonderful thanksgiving everyone. 

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