Saturday, February 23, 2013

My New SSSSSSSisssssster

KIDDING!!!!  Mom did not add another to the zoo.  But.  Someone came visiting last night very late. 

We were all asleep.  So nice.  And then Mom woke up to a noise.  Dyson also woke up and was barking.  Mom figured out where the sound was coming from.  It was in the bathroom next to the bedroom.  Mom was not excited.  She knew she had to look out the window.  Something was making noise.   Mom looked out the window.  It was dark and she didn't see anything.  Then.  THEN mom looked again.  And saw this

Want to know what Mom did when she saw it?  She jumped and went 'aaaaaa'.  Then she got her camera to take a few pictures.  Snake did leave when Mom bothered him enough by tapping on the window.

yeah.....that was freaky.  I tried to help Mom feel better after it was all over.  but it still took her 2 hours before she calmed down.

Madame Louie (aka Heathen numero uno) didn't sssssssssssseeeeee that coming.  doofus

Mom rearranged closets again.  Winter clothes were moved back to the other bedroom and summer clothes are back out.  And she also put a bunch of clothes into plastic bags to give to Goodwill. 

We are all doing good.   I'm doing my best to make sure that Mom is happy.  I think it is my job to make her happy.  it is HARD!!!!!!

I must rest now.  I hope I don't dream of slithering things!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Annifurrsary to ME!!!!!!

Today is a very important day.  Five years ago I rescued Andi from her life of boredom.  I know...she needed me BAD!    OK, I needed her too but I had no idea that I needed her.  I wanted to die that day, 5 years ago.  My life sucked.  I was sick and very tired and no one loved me.  And then Andi came along.  She said 'Hi kitty' and my life changed forever. 

Today she is my best friend.  I love Andi, she is a good human.  I snuggle her every night at bedtime.  I get good food.  I have a warm, safe house.  No one yells at me, tells me to go away. 

Yes, I do have to deal with heathens.  But the human we call 'Mom' makes them stop. 

yes, I looked pretty rough when I got here.  But I was a street kitty.  I was a young mom with no kittens in sight.  And I was very sick. 

In a few weeks I was feeling better
And soon I was meeting the boy kitty, Bob.  I miss Bob. 

And the doggie in the house, Wraggs.  She was a great sister!

Life was good.  Then this happened
Life again, was no longer going to be the same.

A few weeks after THOSE arrived, Bob went to the rainbow bridge.  Mom was very upset.  More stuff happened to Mom (she got her heart hurt). 

And then a year passed....Mom was hurt more.  We kitties and the doggie did our best to make her feel better

And then we added this to the house

Another boy. 

And then much sadness occurred.  My dog sister Wraggs went to the rainbow bridge to be with Bob. 

We were all really sad.  But we kept going.

Mom was home a lot with us, we liked it.  But then Mom went back to work. 

And then....THIS occurred.
Two DOGS!!! And they are boys!!!!

That was ok.....they weren't mean to me.

Another year goes by and we get THIS!!!!

I'm in love again.  And I'm a COUGAR!!!!

As I move into year 6 with Andi, I'm sure it will be filled with much love from Andi and the other members of the family.  And those who love mom that are humans. 

I am so thankful for that day, February 16, 2008, when I rescued Mom. 

Now I must get my rest.  This writing is very tiring when you can't type!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yes, yes, I am alive

I've been rather lax about posting.  Mom has to help me and she is really tired when she gets home from that place she goes.  Mom's not quite so unhappy right now.  I'm not sure why but she seems to be happier.  Us furkids like when Mom is happier. 

Dyson and I were just on the bed together.  We didn't do anything.  yewwwwwwwwwww

Oh yea, me and Louie  NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!

Me and Cinco.  sigh......yes, I am a cougar. 

oooo, the wind just picked up big time.  We have storms blowing thru here.  It is a good thing that I live inside where it is safe and warm. 

Meowing of that, Saturday February 16th is a pretty important day for me.  Just sayin'!