Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring has sprung

I live in Florida so Spring sprung a while ago.  Yeah, we had some cold days but now it is hot from now on! 

Mom got us a new air conditioner.  It works good.  Mom needs it cause the barkers, Cinco and I give Mom hot flashies at night. 

he is kind of hot, don't ya think?????

Mom took another doggie to the emergency vet a week ago.  Dyson jumped off the damned couch and landed wrong and hurt his back right leg.  When Hoover hurt his leg, it was the same one (on him silly).

He didn't break it but Mom was scared he did.  It was ruff for all of us. 

See, he is feeling better.  He and Hermie had a discussion today.  It doesn't look so deep to me. 

Mom says I need to write more in my blog.  I've been lazy.  I'll try....

Now I must rest.  I am sooooooooooooooo tired.