Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering Herman

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  Mom says we need to remember those who have passed.  Here goes:
This is Mom's Grandpa.  His name was Herman and he was a Marine in World War II.  I don't know what war is but I don't like it.  He was in the Pacific theater.  In late July of 1945 he was wounded.  He told Mom that when they said run, he did...He ended up with shrapnel in his back.  He was in the hospital getting better when the war in the Pacific ended.  He was about to go back into action when the war ended. 

Thank you Herman for your service to the country and the world.  You were a good man.  (he loved kitties and doggies and was a very nice man.  I can see where Mom gets it.)

This is Grandpa's brother, Forrest.  He was in the army in World War II.  From what information Mom got from letters, he barely made it out of boot camp.  He played in bands during the early 40's.  Not like marching bands but BIG BANDS!  Rumor was it was Tommy Dorsey.  Forrest died in Italy in February 1945 after stepping on a mine.

This is Mom's Uncle Joe.  He was in the army too.  Joe was captured by the Germans and was in a POW camp.  He never talked about it much other than to say he HATED the tv show Hogan's Heroes.  Mom has a postcard that was sent by Uncle Joe to his parents letting them know he was ok.  It has a swastika on the front of it (freaked Mom out) but the Red Cross tried to make sure that the men who were in the camps got word to their families.

Herman and Helen in 1944.  They look so young. 

Herman and Helen in 1980.  Still look pretty darned good

Herman and Helen in 2000.  They still loved each other.

Hermie and Ellie, can you feel the love?

So this weekend, remember those who have passed. 

Stay safe my friends.