Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy July!

whoopdeeeedoooo.  July.  Hot.  Heathens.  Not HOT HEATHENS, they are so not hot.  Well, maybe Cinco and Hermie.  I hate Louie.  I don't really know Robin well enough but I still hiss at him.

Mom's been quite busy. 

She had visitors last month.  Craaaaazy Cat Ladies to be precise. 

I saw Dori, she scared me.  I am sure she wanted to kill me.  Or cuddle me.  Either ones sounds awful. 

I didn't look at Rebecca or Lizzie.  I bet I would have liked them.   Except for that wanting to kill me part. 

One of the ladies Mom works with gave this to Mom.  It is filled with some awesome catnip.  I loved it.  I had to share with the others and it got covered with cat spit. 

ooooo big birdies. I'd eat for  a week.  Maybe not.  My food is dry and I like it!  A lot!

oh yum!!!  Hermie all sexy like. 

Crazy cat ladies.  Mom, Rebecca and Dori. 

Rebecca's Mom Lizzie with some nice dog I do not recognize.  I have no idea who he is cause the one who looks like him is not nice.  No idea who he is.  But I am sure I hate him. 

Oh my goodness!  Please tell me this one isn't part of the heathen group....cause he is handsome!  Look at his nose, so strong.  I'm in love......but I hate him.

Really, Mom, do you have to take pictures of Louie?  Look at his fangs!

I better get back to my napping.  I have to be ready to snuggle Mom in the middle of the night when she is upset.  It is happening a bit right now.  I've stepped up the food dish to take care of Mom.

Stay warm folks! 

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